In every hunter’s imagination, hunting in Swedish Lapland becomes a destination to reach,  a journey to be organized down to the smallest detail.

The hunter’s and their dog’s physical preparation progresses hand in hand, as this wild land demands endurance and skill. Lapland is a paradise for nature lovers. Majestic mountains, dense forests, rivers, and lakes create a breathtaking scenery.

Here, the horizon seems endless, and every aspect holds its importance. The mountains offer encounters with the ptarmigan and the rock ptarmigan. The forests host capercaillies, black grouse, ptarmigans, and woodcocks. Each type of hunting presents its challenges: the mountains require physical preparation, long walks, and thus boots with the right stiffness. Shooting at ptarmigans is always at the limit, while rock ptarmigans offer more opportunities.

Hunting in Swedish Lapland

In the dense forests, every step is an ambush. The bond with one’s dog becomes crucial. Technical, breathable, and water-resistant clothing is essential. The backpack must be durable and comfortable for the long hours of hunting.

Balanced nutrition between proteins and carbohydrates is crucial, as well as energy support for the dog. Dogs, in fact, express their full potential in this environment. The brisk wind, the purity of the air, and the abundance of water allow our companions to give their best.

For those who already know Lapland, it becomes a fixed point in their mind. For those who don’t, it’s a dream that must be realized at least once in a lifetime. Just last September, after years of longing for this journey, Mario managed to fulfill his dream with Enrico, the feather hunting manager for Montefeltro, who tells us about their experience.

Hunting with Montefeltro

Mario, a sturdy and resolute 45-year-old man, had asked me several times, “Enrico, I want to hunt with you in Lapland.” Every year, his request came, but for one reason or another, we couldn’t align our goals. Him due to work reasons, me due to organizational issues. Finally, in the last week of September 2023, I managed to organize 5 days of hunting in the forest with Mario. Lapland, with its mountains, forests, and lakes, awaited us. When we arrived in Lapland, Mario transformed like a novice hunter. He was excited, agitated, and incredulous to find himself in this wild environment.

Hunting in Swedish Lapland

One day, with Sestri, my hunting dog, Mario, and I found ourselves in a crucial situation. Sestri was on point, but Mario couldn’t see the capercaillie. I advised him not to tackle the ascent head-on but to go around the small hill. The area could be frequented by capercaillies, and to outsmart one, he had to anticipate it. With confidence in Mario, an excellent shooter, I focused on Sestri. We crossed a stream, trying to make as little noise as possible.

When in the woods, it becomes crucial to walk lightly, paying attention to dry branches, loose stones, and bushes that can alert black grouse and capercaillies.

Hunting with Montefeltro

We arrived at Sestri, who was crouched, watching us. I understood that the capercaillie had already eluded the dog. Sestri lowered his head, trying to pick up the scent again and began to circle the area like a big cat. Mario gestured to me: “What should I do?”

I told him to wait and stay still. Sestri passed beneath us, slowing down and going into a straight line. Then he disappeared from our sight.

Mario was astonished, eager to take action, but I repeated to him to remain still. A few minutes passed, and Sestri reconnected with the capercaillie. I raised my hand, indicating to Mario that the capercaillie was 100 meters ahead of us.

Impatient, Mario waited for my signal. I approached him, grabbed him by the jacket, and guided him towards Sestri.

“There it is, do you see it?”
“Yes, I see it.”
“Now stay lower than the dog and then close in from the left.”

Mario moved, reached Sestri but slipped on the moss, startling both the dog and the capercaillie. Mario quickly got up, caught a glimpse of the shadow, and fired.

Experience a hunting trip in Lapland

With two shots fired, Mario turned to me, regretful: “I should have been slower.”

But I remained focused on Sestri, who descended and crossed a pine forest, resuming his point.

“Mario, run, go to the dog, surely the capercaillie is wounded, otherwise it would have flown to Norway by now.”

Mario descended quickly, and when he caught sight of the now-downed capercaillie, the emotion was such that he let out a wild shout.

Thinking he had failed the action, when he saw that he had succeeded in bringing down the capercaillie, the surprise was such that with teary eyes, he looked at me and said, “A dream come true.”

Living a hunting experience in Lapland is every hunter’s dream. Contact us, and we will organize your hunting trip to Lapland together!