Montefeltro: The Unique Partner for Your Business Success

Montefeltro is synonymous with excellence in the world of hunting. It is a unique entity combining various expertise, being a joint venture between the Group Benelli/Beretta, the oldest producer of the best hunting weapons in the world, and the leisure tourism group VIVA International. Montefeltro is thus the ideal partner for companies in the armory and hunting sectors. We offer a comprehensive range of services that span from incentive tourism to communication and digital marketing, all focused on hunting and designed to grow your business.


Customized Incentive Programs

Montefeltro offers customized incentive programs for employees, clients, and business partners, designed to reward and inspire. The offerings include:

  • Exclusive Hunting Trips: High-quality hunting experiences in prestigious reserves in Italy and abroad, meticulously organized to ensure safety, comfort, and success.
  • Outdoor Experiences in Italy: Activities such as guided hikes, trekking, mountain biking, and kayaking, ideal for building team spirit and enjoying natural beauty.
  • International Adventures: Safaris in Africa, fishing expeditions in Scotland e North America, treks in the asian mountains, and other unique and exciting experiences.
  • Customized Events: Conferences, workshops, team-building activities, and themed gala dinners that reflect company values, with attention to every detail.

Montefeltro’s incentive programs enhance employee motivation, strengthen relationships with clients and partners, and offer memorable experiences. Each event is tailor-made to meet specific needs, ensuring maximum impact and participant satisfaction.

Exclusive Events

We organize fairs, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars related to the world of hunting. Our professional technicians participate in your events, ensuring expertise and professionalism.

These events are a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts, customers, and enthusiasts, increasing your brand’s visibility and creating new business opportunities.

Training and Consulting

We offer training courses for hunting guides, consulting for territory and reserve management, and strategic marketing consulting.

We help companies improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Strategic Digital Marketing

We utilize the latest digital marketing strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your events and promote your brand.

From lead generation to social media management, our experts create search engine optimized content in Italy and abroad.

CRM and Loyalty

We capitalize on event participation and post-event feedback through CRM strategies and marketing automation, maximizing your investments.


“La Montefeltro” Shooting Estate, Piacenza

In the Piacenza hills, Montefeltro organizes exclusive corporate events in our Rivergaro hunting reserve.

We offer customized feather and bullet hunting programs, comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals in collaboration with the Franchi Food Academy, and a team of expert hunters and guides to ensure a safe and successful experience.


ISLE OF BUTE, Scotland

For an even more exclusive experience, the Isle of Bute offers breathtaking scenery and a pristine environment.

We organize pigeon, pheasant, and other game bird hunts, with luxury accommodations, Scottish culinary experiences, and full support for every logistical detail, from hunting licenses to transfers.


Montefeltro is the ideal partner for companies looking to organize exclusive and high-level hunting events. Our experience and passion, combined with the ability to offer customized solutions in Italy and abroad, create unique events that leave a lasting impression.

Whether it’s team building, VIP client events, or corporate incentives, we guarantee an experience that combines adventure, elegance, and professionalism.

Rely on Montefeltro for your next corporate hunting event.

With exceptional locations like Rivergaro and the Isle of Bute, and a dedicated team ready to meet your every need, we will turn your vision into reality, offering an unforgettable experience that strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you grow your business!