Hunting & Tourism in Italy

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Hunting trips in the world, travel dreams…

Montefeltro puts every efforts to satisfy at best its customers giving you an unforgettable living experience based on the traditional spirit of Italian way of hunting.

Every hunt is managed by Montefeltro personnel who follows step by step the hunter from the beginning to the…next trip.

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Why Choose Us


Montefeltro is focused on searching new and savage hunting area, where nature reigns supreme and the hunter can experience ancient flavors of challenge!

The Team

Montefeltro has a great team who organizes for you an unforgettable living experience. Montefeltro is by your side during all your hunting experience.

Tailor Made

Every hunter has his own needs and Montefeltro is here to satisfy them. Imagine the trip of your dream and Montefeltro will organize it. Our goal is your full satisfaction!

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