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A kind of hunting very common in Italy and which undoubtedly fascinates the hunter who loves hunting ungulates is the fallow deer hunting, a perfect mix of emotions and beauty.

Hunting fallow deer presents a challenge and stalk unlike any other, and the reserve at Cascina Emanuele gives each hunter the opportunity to take on this challenge in a setting unlike any other.

Sighting, among the dense woods of the Apennines, the characteristic white spots of the fur of this wonderful deer gives unique emotions to the hunter.

If you are you looking for a magical place to practice this fascinating and evocative hunt, on the Piedmontese Apennines, on the border with Liguria, there is an area highly suited for ungulates.

In this area we offer our customers the opportunity to hunt fallow deer.

An uncontaminated place, not at all anthropized and very rich in game.

It is a private reserve of about two thousand hectares, frequented by very few hunters.

A highly exclusive reserve, where fallow deer are the main attraction, as the area is particularly suitable for this deer: dense bushes alternating with meadows and lost crops and closed valleys rich in water where the “Dama” finds its ideal habitat . Even the most experienced hunter, upon glimpsing the noble antlers of the male, will be overwhelmed by emotions and will get lost in admiring the beauty of nature.

If you are looking to discover a unique side of Italy while hunting some of the best big game around, then our reserve at Cascina Emanuele is the place for you.

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fallow deer hunting in Italy

Fallow deer

from September to February

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What People Are Saying

The trip was a great experience and my wife enjoyed the non-hunting activities.

Everyone we met was pleasant and represented Montefeltro well. The hunt was excellent and the hunt team were just splendid! Also our driver has been so nice and the young chef Giacomo in Grondona was exceptional (along with Tomasso). T

hey really made us feel as if we were visiting a beautiful villa rather than staying in an impersonal hotel.

Success on the Balestrone Fallow deer also by the way.

Dustin M.

Montefeltro has perfectly combined hunting and leisure in Italy.

Many thanks from my wife who appreciated the tour of Milan and Piacenza while I will never forget the marvellous fallow deer trophy and the visits to the Ferrari museum and Pagani factory.

Thank you Montefeltro.

See you next year.

Sebastian Davis

The hunting experience was very, very good.

The chamois hunt needed to be a minimum of two days given that weather can impact the time you actually get to hunt.

Being in the mountains was great and the operation there is very well run.

Your itineraries were complete and a big help for pre-trip planning.

Your ability to make changes to that itinerary once we see the weather was very much appreciated.

I think we were well prepared before leaving the states.

Your attention to the client is very detailed and obviously made for a very smooth, exciting trip.

I would have no trouble recommending Montefeltro to other hunters.

Kai Williams