If you are looking for a big game hunting experience, Bulgaria is the right destination.

One of the most extraordinary European countries in terms of hunting?

If you are looking for a big game hunting adventure abroad among the majestic forests rich in fauna, Bulgaria will make you live hunting emotions to remember over time.

A unique nation, very wild and sparsely inhabited, which allows the hunter to hunt in diversified hunting grounds: from the forests on the Black Sea, famous for the great deer trophies, to the Rodopi mountains whose undisputed king is the capercaillie.

But not only that: Bulgaria is one of the most suitable countries for wild boar hunting.

Among beautiful deer and big boars , discover the big game hunting in Bulgaria!

Deer Hunting

The Black Sea forests are definitely home for  the great deer.The deer is shy and active especially from dusk to dawn, while in the hottest hours it remains secluded  in the woods.

Especially during the breeding season, the hunter can have a unique experience by obtaining trophy deer with a great weight. Their call echoes in the woods and forests and this allows the hunter to locate the coveted prey faster.

The Bulgarian deer, also known as the Balkan or Southeastern European red deer (Cervus elaphus), is a subspecies of the red deer that is found primarily in the Balkan Peninsula, including regions of Bulgaria. These deer are known for their robust build and large antlers.

Bulgarian deer typically inhabit forests and woodland areas, although their habitat can vary. They are herbivores, feeding on grasses, leaves, and other vegetation. During the mating season, known as the rut, males (stags) compete for females (hinds) by displaying their antlers and engaging in vocalizations and physical contests with other males.

Bulgarian deer roaring in september

Exploring the Enchanting Rhodope Forest: A September Deer Hunting Expedition

As September dawns upon the captivating Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, hunters and nature enthusiasts eagerly await the start of the red deer mating season, known for the resounding echoes of majestic stags’ roars echoing through the forested valleys.

Before the break of dawn, as the tranquil forest remains cloaked in mist, hunters gather, armed not just with their bows or rifles, but also with a deep reverence for nature’s splendor. Guided by experienced trackers, they embark on an expedition into the heart of the Rhodope forest, their senses heightened, seeking a glimpse of the elusive red deer.

The forest at this time of year is a breathtaking blend of colors—vivid greenery interspersed with the first golden hues hinting at the approaching autumn. The air is crisp, carrying the earthy fragrance of fallen leaves and the promise of an adventurous day ahead.

Stalking through the ancient woodlands, hunters move stealthily, their steps careful and deliberate, respecting the serene ambience of the forest. Every rustle or distant call catches their attention, teasing them with the possibility of an encounter with the prized red deer.

hunting deers in Bulgary

The calls of the stags reverberate across the valleys, a mesmerizing symphony of nature’s raw power and grace. The challenge begins: tracking the source of the resonating roars, following the signs left behind by these majestic creatures—their hoofprints in the soft soil, the subtle rub marks on trees, and the occasional glimpse of a flickering tail.

Patience becomes their companion as they wait, hidden in strategic spots, using the terrain and natural cover to their advantage. The thrill of the hunt is not merely in the pursuit but in the deep connection to the surroundings, feeling the pulse of the forest and sharing the same space as these noble creatures.

As the sun climbs higher, casting its golden rays through the trees, the forest awakens further. The sound of wildlife rustling about becomes more pronounced—the chirping of birds, the scurrying of small mammals, and occasionally, the crackling of branches hinting at the approach of a deer.

The heart quickens with every anticipation-filled moment, as the hunters remain in perfect harmony with the rhythms of the forest. Hours may pass in this immersive quest, the excitement building with each passing minute, until finally, the moment arrives—an exquisite red deer emerges from the shadows, a vision of grace and strength.

A deer coming off the forest

With steady hands and unwavering focus, a skilled hunter takes aim, honoring the deer’s spirit with a clean and precise shot, a testament to their respect for nature’s balance.

As the day draws to a close, the hunters emerge from the forest, not just with a prized trophy but with a profound appreciation for the untamed beauty of the Rhodope Mountains and the timeless allure of the red deer roaming freely within its depths. The memories of this day will linger, etched into their hearts as a testament to the primal connection between humans and the wild, nurtured amidst the pristine landscapes of Bulgaria’s Rodopian forests.

Moreover, without difficulty, it is possible to surprise the Balkan chamois that share the woods with the deer.

The Balkan Chamois

The Balkan chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica) is a subspecies of chamois found in several Balkan countries, including Bulgaria. These mountain-dwelling ungulates are known for their agility and ability to navigate steep and rocky terrain.

In Bulgaria, the Balkan chamois inhabits high-altitude areas, particularly in the Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope Mountains. They prefer alpine meadows, rocky cliffs, and steep slopes, where they graze on grasses, herbs, shrubs, and other mountain vegetation.

Physically, Balkan chamois are relatively small with short, hooked horns in both males (bucks) and females (does). They have a chestnut-brown coat that turns darker in winter, helping them blend into their surroundings for camouflage.

These chamois are highly adapted to mountainous environments and exhibit excellent agility, allowing them to escape predators by traversing steep and rugged terrain with ease.

Balkan Chamois hunting

Wild boarhunting

Hunting wild boar in the Rhodope Mountains is an incomparable emotion, both from high seat (which is the preferred system) and stalking.

The big boars cautiously approach the pastures placed in the clearings of the majestic fir and larch forests and allow the hunter to admire them, in all their might, before shooting.

The high seat is generally located near the feeding places or at the exit and return points from the meadows, at dawn and dusk.

Even the wild boar stalking hunting is undoubtedly exciting,but more difficult due to the harshness of the terrain: wild boars are approached in their grazing areas, in absolute silence and with the favorable wind.

This requires a seasoned hunter and an expert guide connoisseur of the territory. The previous inspections therefore become indispensable.

It is certainly a hunt full of emotions, difficult to forget, which takes place in suggestive places rich in fauna.

Suggested rifle

caccia a palla in bulgaria

With a good 300 or 7 mm (bullets from 160 up to 180 gr) and a good binoculars the hunter can face this adventure without problems. While, for the capercaillie, a 222 or a 223 with full metal jacket bullets no more than 55 gr. are the proper ones.

Bulgaria, therefore, is a true paradise from a hunting point of view and it is an essential experience for the globetrotting hunter.

It can satisfy any hunter and will be the perfect setting for your favorite hunt: rock partridge, woodcock, capercaillie, roe deer, mountain and forest deer , balcan chamois and wild boar.

In short, what more could you ask for? Request a program now and get ready to experience an unparalleled hunting experience, in a dream destination! Contact us HERE