Hunting on the roof of the world

The magical Pamir offers a unique and exclusive adventure. The Marco Polo sheep hunting totem for the most ambitious hunters awaits you playing an extreme game on the borders between China and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Montefeltro offers two types of hunting in the areas of Lake Karakul and Shat-Put: ibex hunting and Marco Polo sheep both from October to February.

Marco Polo’s sheep hunting on the snowy peaks of Tajikistan is definitely a must and a hunting dream for the most ambitious and passionate ungulate hunters. It is a hard and tiring experience, but extraordinary for the beauty of the places and the opportunity to practice real and extreme hunting. One crosses thousands of kilometers and faces a long and challenging journey with the only goal of finally giving expression to one’s passion.

Marco Polo’s sheep prefer mountain peaks, and the hunting camp is at high altitudes, with twenty degrees below zero and icy, razor-sharp gusts of wind that test the hunter’s stamina and require good physical preparation.

Big Game Hunting

Ibex hunting Montefeltro


From October to February

Marco Polo sheep Montefeltro trophies

Marco Polo Sheep

From October to February



What People Are Saying

Montefeltro has perfectly combined hunting and leisure in Italy.

Many thanks from my wife who appreciated the tour of Milan and Piacenza while I will never forget the marvellous fallow deer trophy and the visits to the Ferrari museum and Pagani factory.

Thank you Montefeltro.

See you next year.

Andrew Kennedy

Another fantastic hunting experience organized by Montefeltro’sfriends has just ended.

This time in Bulgaria, in the splendid setting of the Rhodope Mountains, in search of the “King of the wood”.

Beautiful hunting house located on the shore of a lake, excellent traditional cuisine, super welcome and assistance.

Magnificent capercaillie trophy taken, already the first morning, after a long and exciting approach. What can I say… thanks Montefeltro!

John Ferdinand

The hunting experience was very, very good.

The chamois hunt needed to be a minimum of two days given that weather can impact the time you actually get to hunt.

Being in the mountains was great and the operation there is very well run.

Your itineraries were complete and a big help for pre-trip planning.

Your ability to make changes to that itinerary once we see the weather was very much appreciated.

I think we were well prepared before leaving the states.

Your attention to the client is very detailed and obviously made for a very smooth, exciting trip.

I would have no trouble recommending Montefeltro to other hunters!

Bill Anderson