Chamois Hunting In The Piedmont Alps

A hunters dream. An outdoorsman paradise. Mother nature’s masterpiece. It’s as if you woke up on the edge of the world, and all that remains is you and the hunt.

These are just a few of the words that might come to mind after a trip to La Bianca Hunting Estate.

In a breath-taking landscape, in the heart of Val Maira, this hunting zone is a piece of paradise, placed in the valley and offers some of the world’s best Chamois hunting in a setting that will leave even the most travelled hunter in awe.

Among gentle meadows and tangled woods every hunter can listen to the roaring deer also in high altitude, where the most beautiful chamois of the Piedmont Alps chase each other on the rocks.

An area of 3.400 hectares, that ranges from 1.250 to 2.750 meters high, will be at your disposal for chamois and deer hunting.

You can stay in a typical mountain village at 1.400 meters high, completely renovated and with attention in every detail. You will have at your disposal a wonderful wellness centre in which you can regenerate yourself after a satisfying hunting day, sipping a tasty aperitif with Italian products.

The morning usually starts early and once you will arrive at high altitude, the chamois hunting starts. With the Alps as a backdrop, the hunter begins to analyze the surrounding valley and rocks, canals and ledges and he immediately realizes how the territory is populated by many different species and in abundance.

The chamois hunting in the Piedmont Alps is one of the most beautiful, exciting and absorbing experience, not only for the hunter who loves hunt in the Alps.

Combine this rugged and breathtaking terrain with the quaint mountain villages and gorgeous first-rate lodging, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable trip.

Big Game Hunting

deer hunting


From 1st September to 31st December (hind from 15th October to 31st December)

male chamois trophy


From 1st September to 15th December

Leisure Activities



What People Are Saying

The hunting experience was very, very good.

The chamois hunt needed to be a minimum of two days given that weather can impact the time you actually get to hunt. Being in the mountains was great and the operation there is very well run.

Your itineraries were complete and a big help for pre-trip planning.  Your ability to make changes to that itinerary once we see the weather was very much appreciated.  I think we were well prepared before leaving the states.

Your attention to the client is very detailed and obviously made for a very smooth, exciting trip.  I would have no trouble recommending Montefeltro to other hunters.

Liam D.

It is difficult in a few lines to explain this wonderful experience; I could start by saying that “the Brieis” is a fabulous place, laid in the valley with these dream rooms and the small and beautiful spa where we regenerated after hunting. The restaurant, cozy and quaint, where we had dinner was excellent.

The company was also great: the guide is a very nice guy and a very good mountain hunter who guided us perfectly and showed us to know the reserve as his home. Luca who welcomed us and entertained us with his magical and magnificent stories of his travels and his hunts and advised us during the hunt.

The last hunting action was fantastic: a long approach between the vertical ups and downs of this beautiful valley, after spotting the chamois, led us to a throw of only 150 meters that really made me excited and increase the love for this beautiful animal. I want to compliment Montefeltro for this unforgettable hunting experience.

Oliver J.

I wanted to thank everyone at Montefeltro once again for the marvelous hunt and meal.

They made us a customized offer (for the whole family) that we have accepted very willing.

Before our trips all the necessary information has been provided and after arriving in a beautiful accommodation, we’ve spent three wonderful days of hunting with very good dogs in an unforgettable landscape.

The guides were fantastic and I hope we have the opportunity to return in the future.

Benjamin S.