Are you a small game hunting lover and would you like to organize an unforgettable hunting trip?

Don’t you have a precise destination yet in mind and would like to know which are the most beautiful destinations to enjoy a unique experience practicing your small game hunting

small game hunting Whether small game or migratory game, Montefeltro for the year 2021, has special programs in store that will take you and your auxiliary to hunt for small game!

We always put respect and attention in our work, we take care of nature and our game reserves. In every place where Montefeltro lays the foundations, it does so in an exclusive way.

From Crimea to Scotland, from Macedonia to Bulgaria, from Sweden to Canada, from Spain to Africa: when it comes to hunting territory, we have always had the maximum respect for nature, impeccably caring the habitat and fauna of our reserves.

This new year, we are ready to let you live a unique small game hunting experience: our local guides are ready to satisfy your need and in any country you decide to spend your hunting days your expectations will not be disappointed!

If you are looking for a dream hunting adventure, read on and find out more about the ideal destinations for hunting small game!

Where to experience a hunting adventure dedicated to hunting small game?

Whether small game hunting is your passion or an interest that is growing in you, Montefeltro is here to advise you on the best destinations for your ideal hunting trip.

The Swedish Lapland with its natural fauna and its immense territories is the ideal place for hunting indigenous game that will make you live a dream experience.

caccia alla piccola selvagginaIf, on the other hand, you are a lover of woodcock hunting, the island of Bute, a small Scottish paradise, and the territories of Crimea are essential places to spend a few days hunting woodcocks.

If you want to live an overseas experience, the ideal is undoubtedly Canada. Its forests are the undisputed kingdom of the Scolopax minor, the American woodcock, which remains smaller and more reddish in color.

Enjoying a few days of hunting in Canada hunting American Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse will be a unique hunting trip!

In addition to our consolidated destinations, we can organize and realize all your hunting dreams. You just have to decide where to spend your hunting days and we’ll take care of the rest!

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