Beautiful Hunting Estate in Val Trebbia

A home away from home, a visit to our Montefeltro Hunting Estate combines everything you could want in a trip to Italy. 

Montefeltro hunting estate, situated in the province of Piacenza, is a 1.000-hectare estate of hunting grounds famous for bird shooting with dogs and offers to all big game hunters, the possibility to hunt roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus).

Dense oak woods frame the expanses of alfa alfa, bramble hedges delimit vast fields of wheat and pastures, with ponds and small streams that attract game even in the hot season: a panorama that is every hunter’s dream.

This extraordinary habitat welcomes a significant number of roe deer with trophies of great interest.

With top-class hunting, exquisite scenery and picturesque towns, Rivergaro and the surrounding areas provide a refreshing glimpse of the storied country. It truly is an opportunity to take a step back, relax and appreciate everything in front of you. From the local tours and family-owned restaurants to the early-morning hunts and afternoon trips with the dogs, a new chapter unfolds every day that will be sure to leave you with a completely new perspective of the country. 

Moreover, surrounded by rolling hills, vast open fields and dense backwoods, the picturesque landscape plays host to an abundance of wildlife. The roe deer and upland hunts truly provide a fantastic chance to experience Italian hunting at its core. 

However, even with all of the first-class hunting that the area has to offer, it’s often what comes after the hunt that truly encapsulates a trip to Rivergaro. As you sit on the front porch of the hunting lodge, everything around seems to slow down. The suns set in the distance, slipping behind the last set of trees. And, surrounded by friends, you can’t help but appreciate the little moments like these that make a trip like this so special. 

This, in the end, is what a trip to our Montefeltro Hunting Estate in Rivergaro is all about: becoming a part of our Montefeltro family.

Big Game Hunting

roe deer hunting rivergaro

Roe Deer

From 1st June to 15th July and from 15th August to 30th September (hind and cub: from 1st January to 31st March)

Bird Shooting

grouse hunting scotland Perthshire

Red Partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

A famous pheasant of ours in Rivergaro hunting estate


From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

gray partridge hunting with dogs

Grey Partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

Leisure Activities



What People Are Saying

I wanted to thank everyone at Montefeltro once again for the marvelous hunt and meal.

They made us a customized offer (for the whole family) that we have accepted very willing.

Before our trips all the necessary information has been provided and after arriving in a beautiful accommodation, we’ve spent three wonderful days of hunting with very good dogs in an unforgettable landscape. The guides were fantastic and I hope we have the opportunity to return in the future.

Everyone had a unique experience and we sincerely appreciated the hospitality and all your efforts in making the experience at Rivergaro a success.

Stephan Smith

The hunting experience was excellent.

We flushed many birds and the Bracco Italiano pointers were very good.

The guide is a true gentleman and great host.  We really enjoyed his company.  We also enjoyed the chef’s fine cooking. The spacing of activities and free time was perfect.

Just our sincere thanks for all your help and attention in arranging this trip. Thank you!

Mark P.

Montefeltro has perfectly combined hunting and leisure in Italy.

Many thanks from my wife who appreciated the tour of Milan and Piacenza while I will never forget the marvellous fallow deer trophy and the visits to the Ferrari museum and Pagani factory.

Thank you Montefeltro.

See you next year.

Andrew Kennedy