The best Maral of Asia

Kazakhstan is the specular image of Mongolia, it tells the eternal struggle between Mongols and Kazakhs, proud people of warriors and very skilled hunters in the practice of deer hunting. In the areas of Tastau, Ketmen, Djungarian Alatau and Narynko, Montefeltro offers hunters the possibility to hunt ibex, maral and Siberian roe deer hunting. 

Asia’s best Maral deer and the large ibex await you among rocky peaks, meadows and coniferous forests.

A wild and naturalistically uncontaminated region for a unique and unrepeatable hunting trip for real hunters.

The hardest deer hunting, a challenge, up and down on arduous slopes search for his majesty the Maral.

An hunting trip that is a real adventure that tests the horses hocks  and the hunters  breath who must be prepared to approach this hunt.

The adult Maral of Eastern Europe reach a larger size than the European cousins, reaching even the four hundred kilos of weight.

Those in the Mediterranean area, on the other hand, are smaller (for example, the red deer hardly ever exceeds 180 kilos of weight).

Here too, the most beautiful hunt is the rut time one from mid-September to mid-October, when the mating season begins.

During this period, the males, who usually live in small stags’ groups, separate themselves and begin to challenge each other by roars, more similar to a whistle than a bellow or a roar, that no hunter will ever forget.

The roar is used to claim the possession of females on other suitors. Those who manage to intimidate the other deer with their roar will prevail. The strength and power of the roar depend on the size of the animal and its living conditions.

Moreover, Montefeltro proposes also Siberian roe deer hunting, which is a typical game in the areas of Karakastek and Akterek.

In addition to this in Kazakhstan you will find an incredibly wild and unspoiled nature that will characterize your hunting in Kazakhstan.

Big Game Hunting

Ibex hunting Montefeltro


From August to December

Maral deer Kazahstan

Siberian roe deer

From August to October

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From 15th September to 10th October



What People Are Saying

It is difficult in a few lines to explain this wonderful experience; I could start by saying that “the Brieis” is a fabulous place, laid in the valley with these dream rooms and the small and beautiful spa where we regenerated after hunting.

The restaurant, cozy and quaint, where we had dinner was excellent.

The company was also great: the guide is a very nice guy and a very good mountain hunter who guided us perfectly and showed us to know the reserve as his home. Luca who welcomed us and entertained us with his magical and magnificent stories of his travels and his hunts and advised us during the hunt.

The last hunting action was fantastic: a long approach between the vertical ups and downs of this beautiful valley, after spotting the chamois, led us to a throw of only 150 meters that really made me excited and increase the love for this beautiful animal.

I want to compliment Montefeltro for this unforgettable hunting experience.

Mark G.

Another fantastic hunting experience organized by Montefeltro’sfriends has just ended.

This time in Bulgaria, in the splendid setting of the Rhodope Mountains, in search of the “King of the wood”.

Beautiful hunting house located on the shore of a lake, excellent traditional cuisine, super welcome and assistance.

Magnificent capercaillie trophy taken, already the first morning, after a long and exciting approach. What can I say… thanks Montefeltro!

Alexander D.

My hunting trip to Bute Island in Scotland was an extraordinary experience.

The Montefeltro team demonstrated a perfect knowledge of the territory.

I enjoyed the natural beauty of the Island.

I highly recommend Montefeltro for an unforgettable woodcock hunting experience.

Al Smith