Did you decide this year to leave for hunting Swedish Lapland for partridges and capercaillie?

Hunting in Lapland is a unique experience, immersed in unspoiled nature, where the air is rich in oxygen and only lakes, rivers, and forests can be seen on the horizon.

If this is your first experience in this breathtaking region, then our suggestions will be useful for you.

Here you will find a series of advice to help you approach this hunt at the best!

hunting in sweden

The behavior of the hunter and of his dog

From the woodcock to the francolin, to the white and northern partridges, black grouse, and wood grouse/capercaillie: the hunting ground of the Swedish Lapland offers a variety of unique huntable animals and it is characterized by forests and tundra areas that will leave you breathless.

Lapland is one of the very few destinations where the hunter has the opportunity to carry out his passion without guides, in total freedom.

But be careful not to underestimate good physical preparation: when hunting at high altitudes you need to be prepared and fit.

One of the main players in hunting in Lapland is the pointing dog, which must travel exclusively by land.

If you have decided to travel with your own car, you can take it directly.

Otherwise, you can fly to Sweden and entrust the transport of your dog to our team.

The Montefeltro staff, professional and attentive to the needs of your faithful companion, can take care of the transport of your dog that will arrive at its destination without any stress caused by the journey

All our vehicles used for the dogs transport are up to the occasion: without a doubt, a fundamental requirement for a trip in total safety.

Recommended weapons and ammunition

The shotgun par excellence for hunting in Sweden is the over-under, with barrel lengths from 62 to 65 in 12 gauge.

Freshly fired cases have to be collected and the 12 gauge remains the most used with a wide range of cartridges.

687-EELL-Diamond-pigeon-Beretta over-and-under

The Beretta over and under 687 EELL Diamond pigeon

Clothing and accessories

caccia in sveziaLate summer in Lapland is generally characterized by cool weather.

We must not forget that we are in the Arctic Circle and the rapidity with which the weather can change, leads to a certain caution.

Technical and comfortable clothing is recommended, because of the long walks: light but warm clothing, not necessarily thermal but certainly waterproof, is indispensable.

Wearing several layers of clothing is the best to adapting to the changing climate.

To accompany this clothing we suggest you equip yourself with a large backpack, and a good pair of boots both for hunting in the forest and for hunting in the mountains.

Gloves and hats can be useful during hunting, but also during various breaks (especially in case of bad weather).

Swedish Lapland is an evocative and wild territory at the same time: its landscapes will leave you breathless with their beauty.

Blueberries, drinking water everywhere, arctic blackberries, native animals, true colors, and very clean air: it is undoubtedly the ideal place for the hunting with dogs.

caccia in svezia

The silence of the woods, the roar of capercaillie beating wings, and the embrace of the forest frame your long but rewarding hunting days will make your experience unforgettable, to say the least.

Here’s what will make you fall in love with Lapland.

At this point, we just have to wish you a good trip to the magical Swedish Lapland and … good luck!

Enrico Zaina professional hunter Montefeltro

Montefeltro Staff, Enrico Zaina

“A passionate hunter (and former professional cyclist) has always devoted himself to his passions. An excellent guide for your hunting trips worldwide. He will follow all the programs reserved for feather enthusiasts and accompany them during the hunting season.”