Who We Are

Montefeltro Tour Operator was founded in 1993 as hunting travel agency of Beretta Group. Started with three destinations, now manages hunting trips in the five continents.

At the beginning was specialized in wing shooting, woodcocks, black cocks and partridges in the best areas in the world being one of the first to discover Mongolia and Crimea. Managed also the best places for water fowl hunting all over the world.

Since five years, Montefeltro organizes also big game hunting in Europe, Asia, Africa mainly, but also in America and Oceania.  Montefeltro staff is focused on searching  best places, best outfitters and professional hunters, paying great attention to the accommodation and the global services before and after the hunt.

Of course, to be a part of a big group plays an important role in order to be always the first to evaluate new hunting destinations, with the best comfort for hunters and observers, to have first class treatment from outfitters and air companies.

Montefeltro puts every efforts to satisfy at best its customers giving them an unforgettable living experience based on the traditional spirit of Italian way of hunting. Every hunt is managed by Montefeltro personnel who follows step by step thehunter from the beginning to the…next trip!

The high quality services and the excellent assistance offered to the clients, have allowed Montefeltro to be market leader since 25 years.

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What People Are Saying

I wanted to thank everyone at Montefeltro once again for the marvelous hunt and meal.

They made us a customized offer (for the whole family) that we have accepted very willing.

Before our trips all the necessary information has been provided and after arriving in a beautiful accommodation, we’ve spent three wonderful days of hunting with very good dogs in an unforgettable landscape.

The guides were fantastic and I hope we have the opportunity to return in the future.

Everyone had a unique experience and we sincerely appreciated the hospitality and all your efforts in making the experience at Rivergaro a success.

Jonson Trimph

It is difficult in a few lines to explain this wonderful experience;

I could start by saying that “the Brieis” is a fabulous place, laid in the valley with these dream rooms and the small and beautiful spa where we regenerated after hunting.

The restaurant, cozy and quaint, where we had dinner was excellent.

The company was also great: the guide is a very nice guy and a very good mountain hunter who guided us perfectly and showed us to know the reserve as his home. Luca who welcomed us and entertained us with his magical and magnificent stories of his travels and his hunts and advised us during the hunt.

The last hunting action was fantastic: a long approach between the vertical ups and downs of this beautiful valley, after spotting the chamois, led us to a throw of only 150 meters that really made me excited and increase the love for this beautiful animal.

I want to compliment Montefeltro for this unforgettable hunting experience.

Sierray Williams

The trip was a great experience and my wife enjoyed the non-hunting activities.

Everyone we met was pleasant and represented Montefeltro well. The hunt was excellent and the hunt team were just splendid!

Also our driver has been so nice and the young chef Giacomo in Grondona was exceptional (along with Tomasso).

They really made us feel as if we were visiting a beautiful villa rather than staying in an impersonal hotel.

Success on the Balestrone Fallow deer also by the way.

Alex Haysman