The best Maral are found in Asia! Fly to Kazakhstan and experience an extraordinary Maral hunting adventure.

For Maral hunting, Kazakhstan is the perfect place to offer you extraordinary hunting adventures.

The Cervus elaphus maral, known as “maral” or Siberian deer or Altai deer, is a species native to areas around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, such as Crimea, Asia Minor, the Caucasus Mountains region at the borders between Europe and Asia, and the region along the Caspian shores in Iran.

The Maral and the European red deer are two similar species but with some significant differences in size and physical characteristics.

Generally, the Maral tends to be significantly larger and more robust than the European red deer. Adults can reach shoulder heights of over 1.2 meters and weigh up to 300-400 kilograms, whereas the European red deer is smaller, with shoulder heights around one meter and weights ranging from 150 to 300 kilograms.

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One of the most noticeable differences is the antlers. The antlers of the maral are usually broader and more massive compared to those of the European red deer, with more branching and a more imposing shape. Maral antlers can reach significant lengths, up to 1 meter or more, with greater mass in the upper part. In contrast, the antlers of the European red deer tend to be more slender and less branched.

Additionally, the coat of the maral can vary slightly in terms of color and texture compared to that of the European red deer. While both have a reddish or brownish coat, the maral may have a slightly thicker and woollier fur, adapted to the harsh climate of the northern regions where it lives.

In terms of behavior, both species are generally similar, with social and feeding habits that include roaring during the breeding season and seeking pastures and wooded areas for feeding. However, the maral, being native to the mountainous and remote regions of Central and Northern Asia, may exhibit behavior slightly more adapted to wild and mountainous environments compared to the European red deer, which primarily inhabits the forests and plains of Europe.

The robustly built Maral, in winter, presents a dark slate-gray coat, with a bright yellow patch on its back. In summer, it is reddish in color like its Central European cousins. The thighs, shoulders, and lower regions are black or dark brown, and it shows characteristics of both the true red deer and the wapiti, with which it rivals in size.

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Maral hunting is one of the most exciting adventures in Kazakhstan.

Maral also have a rutting season, with antlers that resemble those of the European red deer but are significantly larger. Like the North American wapiti, maral have a large bez tine, which we call “invernino,” the second point of the antlers, and a large patch on their back.

A maral hunting trip is for true and experienced hunters who love the beauty of lush and unspoiled nature.

A tough challenge that tests stamina and breath despite the help of horses. The maral is the king of this green Asian region. Tent camps and wooden hunting lodges make the stay even more picturesque in this country, where both ibex and maral can be hunted. A wild environment that will characterize your hunting adventure in Kazakhstan.

Montefeltro offers a complete package for hunting enthusiasts eager for an unforgettable adventure and to test their skills in the enchanting setting of Kazakhstan.

The hunting trip, lasting a minimum of ten days, will combine camping and staying in wooden lodges, ensuring a unique and adventurous experience. Every phase of the trip will be supported by the company’s expert team, from organizing flights to handling bureaucratic procedures, and providing on-site assistance.

For those who prefer not to transport their own rifle, there is the option to rent weapons on-site. The philosophy is always to offer not just trips, but unforgettable experiences that hunting enthusiasts will carry in their hearts forever.

The Hunting Day

A day of maral hunting in the Caucasus mountains is an exciting and captivating experience, full of challenges and adventures in the heart of breathtaking and wild landscapes.

The day begins early in the morning, when the fresh mountain air and the first rays of the sun paint the surrounding peaks in golden colors. Hunters prepare carefully, checking their weapons and gathering the necessary equipment to tackle the day in the rugged lands of the Caucasus.

With dawn, they venture into the dense forests and steep valleys of the mountains, in search of the majestic maral. Expert guides lead the group along rough trails and through challenging terrain, following the tracks and signs left by the deer.

During the early morning hours, when nature is still quiet and peaceful, the hunters move cautiously, listening attentively to the distant roar of dominant males echoing through the valleys. This is the best time to spot the maral as it moves in search of food or to claim its territory during the rutting season.

As the hours pass, the tension grows as the moment of the actual hunt approaches. The guides carefully choose strategic observation points where the hunters can position themselves and wait for the maral to pass by.

When the maral is finally spotted, the adrenaline reaches its peak. The hunters must remain calm and focused, preparing for the crucial moment of the shot. With a single movement, the shot is fired, followed by quick follow-up shots, until the maral is brought down with precision and respect for the surrounding nature.

After the successful hunt, the day continues with the celebration of the hunted trophy and gratitude for the experience in one of the wildest and most fascinating places in the world. The thrill of a maral hunting day in the Caucasus mountains will forever remain etched in the hunters’ memories, as a moment of genuine connection with nature and with themselves.

The fundamental role of horses in maral hunting

An essential part of a maral hunting day in the Caucasus mountains is the phase of moving through rugged and wild terrain. To cover long distances and reach the most remote and inaccessible hunting grounds, hunters often rely on horses, faithful companions suitable for tackling the roughness of mountainous terrain.

Early in the morning, before the sun fully rises above the horizon, hunters saddle their horses and prepare for the adventure. The group ventures along rough trails and through dense forests, relying on the skill of local guides to lead the horses through challenging terrain.

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Riding on horseback not only allows hunters to cover long distances more quickly but also offers a unique experience of immersion in the wild nature of the Caucasus. As they ride through alpine meadows and steep valleys, hunters can closely admire the majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains and the variety of flora and fauna that inhabit the region.

During the journey, expert guides can identify the clues and tracks left by the deer, leading the group to the most promising hunting areas. The bond between the hunter and their horse becomes essential in these situations, as they together face the challenges of the mountainous terrain and move closer to their common goal: finding the majestic maral.

When the maral is finally spotted and the actual hunt begins, the horses remain faithful companions, patiently waiting for the hunters to return with their trophy. After a day of adventure and excitement, the return on horseback to the base camp is a moment of reflection and gratitude for the experience in the wild lands of the Caucasus.

Maral hunting

Splendid Maral trophy hunted in Kazakhstan

Peter’s Maral Hunt

My heart was pounding as we headed toward the most exciting adventure of my life: hunting the maral deer in the magnificent landscape of Kazakhstan. On the day of departure, the sky was tinged with golden hues at dawn, promising a day full of challenges and promises.

As the sun rose, we set off from our base camp, wrapped in the fresh morning breeze and the scent of the wild. The breathtaking landscapes of Kazakhstan greeted us with their majesty, while the silence of the forest heralded the start of an enthralling hunt.

We advanced cautiously, immersed in the picturesque mountainous scenery, scanning every corner for our noble trophy. The adrenaline grew with each step, as my heart beat in unison with the rhythm of the wild nature surrounding us.

Suddenly, the long-awaited moment: the maral deer appeared among the trees, regal and majestic in its wild beauty. Its presence dominated the landscape, and my breath stopped for a moment of pure wonder.

With the awareness of an experienced hunter, I prepared for the shot, fully conscious of the significance of that moment. My heart pounded in anticipation as the tension reached its peak. And then, with a single movement, the shot was fired, slicing through the air with a sound that seemed to echo through the mountains.

The magical moment concluded with overwhelming success: the maral deer was mine, an astonishing trophy of Kazakhstan’s wild nature. Joy and excitement enveloped me as I admired the magnificence of the animal, aware that I had experienced a unique and unforgettable adventure.

With the trophy in tow, we returned to the base camp at sunset, accompanied by the golden light of the twilight that painted the mountains in warm, enveloping tones. The memory of that day will forever remain etched in my mind and heart, an epic hunting adventure in the heart of Kazakhstan.”

Among rocky peaks, meadows, and coniferous forests, Kazakhstan awaits you for a magical hunting journey.