If you are a big game hunting lover and do you love adventure, then you can’t miss a hunting in Karelia, a trip of old-style in a remote land.

Karelia, with its vast territory, is able to offer an unparalleled hunting experience. Looking for the majestic ibex and maral that populate the Siberian conifers, to spend unique days hunting for the great brown bear!

If you are a lover of more adventurous travels, in remote and evocative territories, Karelia with it’s rivers and lakes and cold winters is certainly the ideal country to organize your favorite hunt!

  • Ibex and maral hunting

hunting in russia ibexIn the Republic of Altai, on the border with Kazakhstan and Mongolia, there is a hunt that is a must for the adventurous hunter: hunting ibex and maral.

A hunt that undoubtedly requires good physical preparation and a good spirit of adaptation but which is able to give incredible emotions even to the most extreme hunter.

A destination that may be somewhat unusual in the eyes of the hunter, but which is undoubtedly the undisputed kingdom of the great Ibex and Maral deer.

What you feel when you hear the live call of the maral is not comparable to anything else. A unique emotion, just like when on the sheer rocky mountains, you position yourself and shoot with your rifle to a majestic ibex trophy.

During your hunting trip days in Altaj, you will feel immersed in another dimension and in another era, driven every day by the desire to overcome your limits and discover the unexplored.

  • Brown bear hunting in Karelia

brown bear in russiaThe brown bear hunt is another unforgettable hunt that takes place in the hunting area of the Republic of Karelia. This region, located in the north east and bordering Finland, welcomes hunters through coniferous and birch forests.

Here, the brown bear competes for the territory together with the European moose, among small plots in the large clearings of the forests. Not surprisingly, the European part of Russia has the largest density of the bear population.

  • Tur hunting

tur hunting in russiaIn the south of the country, on the border with Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea, the hunt for Dagestan Tur takes place. A hunt that, due to the decidedly careful nature of the animal and the harshness of the places it inhabits, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating mountain hunts.

And it is precisely in the Caucasus mountain range that this experience takes place: a unique journey, which requires the hunter to be in good physical shape to undermine this splendid animal in the mountains of Dagestan!

In short, this is the area of the planet with an immense amount of animals. And it is precisely here that Montefeltro offers you an unforgettable big game hunt.