When autumn is coming, every dog hunter lover waits anxiously for the beginning of the hunting season.

And there is a more difficult and specialized hunt than the others, where the game par excellence is able to stand up the best hunters.

Its extraordinary intelligence out of common and the unpredictability of its moves make it very complex to be caught: the woodcock hunt is certainly one of the most difficult and fascinating hunts to live and share with your dogs.

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Find yourself immersed in nature in the company of your dog, listen to the sound of the wind that moves the bushes and breathe clean air and the scent of the woods…. This is the moment that every dog lover is waiting for.

There is an island particularly suited to this hunting which, thanks to its mild climate, welcomes woodcocks that come to winter from Norway and the Scottish Highlands: it is the Isle of Bute in Scotland.

A little Scottish charm where the protagonist of the days is the queen of the wood: the woodcock.

The wake-up is very early in the morning and you take long walks in the company of your dog just to see the woodcock fly in the air.

The tricks of the woodcock do not allow distractions, you must always be careful to catch the moment that those who love this hunt know well.

On the island of Bute, hunter and dog are one, the dog disappears and emerges in the bushes and seeing him work is a huge gratification.

Bute is the Scottish woodcock paradise, where sea and sky create a breathtaking setting and the scent of hunting, enhanced by the salt, will leave an indelible memory.

Hunting woodcock in Bulgaria

Another place to experience the thrills of woodcock hunting is Bulgaria.

Forests of beeches, oaks, and hornbeams make the Bulgarian terrain the ideal habitat for this wild bird.

A simpler hunting ground than the Scottish one, purely hilly, challenging but never extreme where the dog’s work is enhanced by the beauty of the places.

The needed specializations  for hunting woodcock

Woodcock hunting is certainly one of the most popular hunting activities for Italian hunters and specialization is the keyword for this hunt.

Specialization of dogs that must be trained and trained with commitment and perseverance.

There is no ideal breed, there are dogs not suitable for woodcock despite being excellent hunting dogs and then there are the “woodcock specialists” thanks to their innate instinct and a lot of experience.

Specialization of the hunter who must know the characteristics of the woodcock, its habits, and the areas where it is possible to find it in order to arrive well prepared at the time of the shoot.

Specialization in tools and accessories, from clothing and shoes to shotguns and cartridges.

For this hunt, in fact, technical, comfortable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof clothing is required to face the long winter days in the woods.

Also regarding shotguns, there are specialized models for this hunting designed for the treacherous and complex shots typical of woodcock hunting.

For this hunting, a semi-automatic shotgun, side-by-side, or over-and-under are ideal. An aspect to be taken into consideration and to be carefully evaluated is the length of the barrel: barrels from 61 to 66 cm with very wide chokes, from 3 *** to cylindrical, are recommended, for optimal swing and for the speed necessary in undermining this wild.

If you are a woodcock specialist too or you want to start approaching this game, you just have to begin preparing with your dog and decide where to go for the next season.

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Woodcock hunting with dog

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