Hunting on the Isle of Bute:We are thrilled to announce that Montefeltro has secured the exclusive worldwide hunting rights on the entire Isle of Bute, in Scotland! This extraordinary opportunity offers hunting enthusiasts from around the globe access to an unparalleled hunting paradise.

The Isle of Bute, located in the Firth of Clyde, is a hidden gem that enchants visitors with its breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature. This splendid corner of Scotland offers a unique mix of natural beauty and diverse environments that capture the imagination of all who visit.

Verdant Hills and Dense Forests

The verdant hills of Bute provide a spectacular panorama of gentle slopes that stretch as far as the eye can see. These hills are covered in lush vegetation that changes color with the seasons, offering a continually evolving and captivating view. The dense forests, rich with oaks, beeches, and pines, create an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife. Walking among the trees, one can easily imagine stepping back in time, immersed in pure and untouched nature.

Green Rolling Hills and Dense Forests on the Isle of Bute in Scotland

Crystal Clear Lakes

The lakes of Bute are true mirrors of water that reflect the sky and surrounding hills, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. These lakes are not only stunning to behold but also rich in aquatic life, contributing to the island’s biodiversity. Their crystal-clear waters are perfect for moments of relaxation, fishing, and nature observation.

Hunting in Scotland, Isle of Bute

Rugged Coastlines

The rugged coastlines of the island are another wonder to discover. Majestic cliffs alternate with sandy beaches and hidden coves, offering spectacular views of the ocean. The waves crashing against the rocks create a relaxing and continuous soundscape, perfect for those seeking peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A Hunter’s Paradise

Montefeltro is proud to offer a unique and diverse hunting experience on this beautiful island. The available types of hunting include:

Woodcock Hunting with Pointing Dogs: Imagine walking through woods and moorlands, accompanied by your loyal pointing dogs, in search of the elusive woodcock. The Isle of Bute is renowned for its woodcock population, offering thrilling challenges and unforgettable rewards for feathered game hunting enthusiasts.

Mixed Hunting: For those who desire a varied experience, mixed hunting allows you to explore different areas of the island and hunt a variety of game. The hills and forests of Bute are rich in pheasants, partridges, and other bird species, providing a dynamic and adventurous experience.

Red Deer Hunting in Scotland

Roe Deer Hunting: The elegant roe deer that populate the island provide an exciting challenge for hunters. With the assistance of experienced guides, you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of tracking and shooting these agile animals in a spectacular natural setting.

Scottish Red Deer Hunting: The Isle of Bute is famous for its red deer. Red deer hunting, with its combination of strategy, patience, and precision, represents the pinnacle of the hunting experience. Admiring these magnificent animals in their natural habitat is an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Transportation Services for Dogs from Italy to the Isle of Bute: Montefeltro at Your Service

Montefeltro is pleased to announce an enhancement to the service dedicated to all hunting enthusiasts: transportation for dogs from Italy to the Isle of Bute and back. With our new, fully equipped vehicles, we guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for your faithful four-legged companions.

State-of-the-Art Transportation

Our vehicles have been specially designed for the transportation of dogs, with features that ensure maximum comfort and safety:

Spacious Individual Compartments: Each dog has its own space, ensuring tranquility and comfort during the journey.

Hunting with Montefeltro on the Isle of Bute

Controlled Climate: Our vehicles are equipped with advanced climate control systems to maintain an ideal temperature in every season.

Continuous Ventilation: To ensure a continuous flow of fresh, clean air, our vehicles are equipped with high-quality ventilation systems.

Montefeltro Staff Always by Your Side

One aspect that sets us apart is the constant presence of our specialized staff. Our experts are always on hand to:

Continuous Assistance: We constantly monitor the well-being of the dogs throughout the journey.

Managing Needs: We take care of all your dogs’ needs, including food, water, and movement breaks.

Safety and Care: With years of experience and a passion for animals, our team ensures that each dog receives the utmost attention and care.

A Comprehensive and Reliable Service

Relying on Montefeltro means choosing an excellent transportation service:

Professionalism and Expertise: Our team consists of professionals with a deep understanding of the needs of hunting dogs.

Stress-Free Experience: We take care of everything, allowing you to focus solely on your hunting adventure.

Safe and Comfortable Return: At the end of your hunting experience on the Isle of Bute, your dogs will be returned to Italy with the same attention and care.

Scotland Bute Hunting Trips with Montefeltro

Book Your Transport

Feel free to contact us for more information about our dog transportation services. We are here to answer any questions and to organize the journey in the most convenient and safe way possible.

Montefeltro is synonymous with passion, care, and dedication. With our new dog transportation service, we ensure that every detail is perfect, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for you and your precious hunting dogs.

Hunting on the Isle of Bute with Benelli Shotguns: A Seamless Experience with Montefeltro

Montefeltro is proud to offer an exclusive service for hunters who wish to experience hunting on the enchanting Isle of Bute in Scotland. Our company is a joint venture with the prestigious Benelli/Beretta group, allowing us to provide state-of-the-art shotguns directly on the island, eliminating any concerns related to the transportation and customs clearance of firearms.

Hunting on the Isle of Bute

Benelli Shotguns at Your Disposal

When you choose Montefeltro for your hunting adventure on the Isle of Bute, you will have access to a selection of Benelli shotguns, known for their precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Our shotguns are perfectly maintained and ready to use, ensuring the best performance in every hunting situation.

Advantages of Our Service

1. Absolute Convenience

Forget the stress and complications of international firearm transportation. You won’t have to worry about permits, customs clearance, or long waits at the airport. Everything you need will already be on the island, ready to use.

2. State-of-the-Art Firearms

By collaborating with the Benelli/Beretta group, we can offer you the latest and most advanced models of shotguns. These firearms are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and precision, making every hunting trip a memorable experience.

3. Expert Support

Our experienced staff will always be on hand to assist you with the selection and use of Benelli shotguns. We offer professional advice and technical support to ensure you make the most of the features of our firearms.

A Unique Experience with Montefeltro

Hunting on the Isle of Bute

With Montefeltro’s worldwide exclusive, you will have access to a hunting territory of exceptional beauty and wildlife richness. Our expert and passionate guides will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring a safe, thrilling, and nature-respecting hunting experience.

Book your hunting adventure on the Isle of Bute with Montefeltro now and discover a new level of excellence in hunting!

For more information and bookings, visit our website or contact us directly.

We look forward to experiencing this extraordinary adventure together!

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