On the Trail of the Scottish Wood Pigeon: A Hunting Adventure in the Heart of Perthshire

Amid the breathtaking expanses of Perthshire, in the heart of beautiful Scotland, lies a hunting experience that transcends the mere pursuit of the wood pigeon. It is a journey through epic landscapes, rich in history and tradition, capturing the soul of every passionate hunter.

The Scottish wood pigeon presents a unique opportunity for hunting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wilds of central Scotland and capture the essence of outdoor life. Known for its agility and cunning, the wood pigeon challenges hunters with its fast and unpredictable flight, offering a hunting experience like no other.

In Perthshire, hunters can venture through the picturesque Highland landscapes, tracking the wood pigeon through dense spruce forests, open fields, and sparkling waterways. Guided by our local experts, hunters will have the chance to refine their hunting skills and enjoy a series of thrilling outdoor adventures.

Hunting wood pigeons in Perthshire is a traditional practice that celebrates the beauty and wild nature of Scotland. Hunters can choose from various hunting methods, including stalking on foot, setting up blinds, and using calls to draw the pigeons into shooting range.

wood pigeons in Perthshire Scotland

But hunting wood pigeons in Perthshire is not just about capturing the perfect prey. It’s an experience of connecting with nature, discovering the beauty of the Scottish landscape, and creating lasting memories with friends and family.**

So, if you are a hunting enthusiast looking for an unforgettable adventure, Perthshire is the perfect place for you. Follow the trails of the Scottish wood pigeon and prepare for a hunting experience that will leave you with indelible memories and a deep admiration for the majesty of Scotland.


A historic Scottish county located in the northern part of the old continent, Perthshire is a prime destination for wood pigeon hunting.

Known as “the land of the big trees,” the Scottish territory of Perth and Kinross includes gentle valleys, rushing rivers, and waterfalls that allow hunters to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscape’s wonder. Expanses of forests are interspersed with fertile plains and fields cultivated with wheat, rapeseed, and peas, providing the natural habitat for the wood pigeon.

wood pigeon hunting in Scotland

Ancient and elegant, wood pigeon hunting is predominantly conducted from a blind, either fixed or temporary, using decoys, rotary devices, and lures during the threshing period, with calls and organized setups within the designated hunting areas. Understanding this bird from a morphological perspective, along with its feeding habits and migratory movements, can be an additional asset for hunters who choose to dedicate themselves to this type of hunting.

The wood pigeon is considered a migratory bird, part of the Columbidae family, and lives in colonies of thousands of individuals that typically migrate in groups only in the northern regions of the old continent, such as Scotland and particularly Perthshire. Additionally, there’s an intriguing detail about the formation of the flock in flight: the birds adhere to a hierarchical order, with the younger pigeons positioned on the outside of the flock serving as sentinels.

Hunting with Montefeltro in Scotland

Naturally, this area is also the ideal habitat for other types of game, including pheasants, hares, woodcocks, ducks, and geese, although hunting them is only permitted from September onwards.

Breathtaking natural landscapes, traditions, folklore, and charm characterize Perthshire, with famous natural attractions such as Loch Tay, Loch Tummel, and the Grampian Mountains. Perthshire also boasts a rich history and cultural heritage. There are numerous historical sites, castles, and ancient ruins to explore, such as Blair Castle, Scone Palace, and the ruins of Huntingtower Castle. As for local specialties, you can find food products like Scotch whisky, river salmon, and local agricultural produce.

Harsh and mysterious, yet sweet, Scotland is a country rich in natural beauty, history, and traditions. Abundant game, moors, peat bogs, marshes, cultivated fields, woods, and verdant hills.

Exploring the Flavors of Perthshire: Wood Pigeon Hunting and Local Whisky Tasting

If you’re a passionate wood pigeon hunter in the heart of Perthshire, take a break from your wilderness adventures to discover the delightful world of local whiskies. Perthshire is renowned not only as a hunting destination but also for producing some of Scotland’s finest whiskies.

After a day of hunting amidst the picturesque landscapes of Perthshire, immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of the local distilleries and uncover the secrets of Scotch whisky production. The distilleries in Perthshire offer unique experiences, from guided tours to tastings, allowing you to fully appreciate the richness and complexity of these spirits.

Among the must-visit distilleries are Glenturret, Tullibardine, Aberfeldy, and Edradour, each with its own history and distinctive character. Savor the single malt whisky aged in oak casks, explore the aromatic notes of honey, fruit, and spices, and discover the unique nuances of each distillery.

Edradour distillery Scotland whisky

The Edradour distillery is the smallest in Scotland and produces an amazing single malt

After a day of hunting and exploring distilleries, indulge in the pleasure of relaxing with a glass of local whisky by the fire, reflecting on the thrilling adventures of the day.

Perthshire offers a complete experience for enthusiasts of both hunting and whisky, blending a passion for the wild with the refined taste of one of Scotland’s greatest treasures.