One of the most interesting destinations from a hunting point of view for mix hunting and for waterfowl hunting in particular?

On the other side of the world, there is a country populated by indigenous and varied fauna where hunting of all kinds is indisputably exciting, especially if we are talking about waterfowl hunting.

If this is your favorite hunt and you love adventures, you can’t give up on a hunting trip to Argentina.

In the province of Santa Fe, there is a place, made of rice fields and lagoons, which is an authentic/ real paradise for more than 20 species of ducks that inhabit South America.

Hunting waterfowles in Argentina is considered a real challenge for the hunter, especially for those in their first hunting experience. The vastness of the “pampas”, which leaves an indelible mark, and the welcome of our staff, certainly make it unique.

The natural and wild environments paint a magical and spectacular picture, associated with the variety of fauna and its abundance, in fact, there are countless species that can be hunted.

An unrepeatable adventure, between immense expanses and unique colors, where not only the waterfowl will fill your hunting days, but also partridges, snipe, and turtle doves will make this trip even more exciting.

caccia in argentina waterfowl huntingFor those who love hunting with pointing dogs, Argentine partridges are exceptional for both young and more experienced dogs; they are in fact strong stalking and cunning, but affordable thanks to the strong wind that puts the dogs in the best conditions for spectacular actions with ascents and stops, so as to create an important stage for every dog hunting lover, while snipes are hunted in the rice with or without pointing dog

Montefeltro offers you personalized hunting trips based on your needs and your hunting preferences. An ideal habitat not only for ducks but also for partridges, turtle doves, and snipes.

Argentina offers one of the largest hunting varieties and is ready to meet the needs of every hunter! Get ready to experience a unique hunting trip with Montefeltro!

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caccia argentina waterfowl hunt