The sky in Spain at sunrise and sunset gives way to the flight of thrushes and wood pigeons. Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience?

According to the new Italian rules that regulate transfers, it is possible to travel for tourism to Spain. And since the pigeon season is upon us, we are organizing everything to let you experience your pigeon hunt to Spain in August!

guadalupeIn the Guadalupe area, located in the community of Extremadura (about two hours from Madrid), there is a hunting area where numerous flocks of wood pigeons furrow the rolling Spanish hills sky and keep the hunter‘s adrenaline high, giving a mix of strong emotions.

Grazing olive trees and oaks, rapid and continuous flight, low or high, they are fantastic prey for those who love the typical hunt from the hide. In the area, there are numerous placements to allow a better hunt depending on the migration, the weather, and the type of shot you want to make.

But Montefeltro doesn’t take you to hunt only wood pigeons!

In the same suggestive area, in October, you can also experience the thrilling hunt for thrushes among endless olive groves. Here the rhythms of the hectic life slow down and catapult you into a dimension that has the flavor of other times. Between strategic positions, even the most cunning hunter will be thrilled by the characteristic “zip”, or the song of the thrush that anticipates his arrival.

Guadalupe is an ancient and hot land as its inhabitants who live in symbiosis with the territory of disarming beauty will know how to make you feel one of them. In this unique setting, the numerous wood pigeons and thrushes that fill the Spanish sky will put your hunting activities to the test. What are you waiting for?

Test yourself: reactivity and promptness are the characteristics for those wishing to test this hunt. Request a program and contact us HERE for more information!