The travel diary of Alessandro.

Due to negative previous experiences and past travels with other agencies, every time I would like to organize a hunting trip I am always hesitant.

For this reason, I started with not too high expectations, but I decided to try this hunting trip anyway. And it didn’t take much to change my mind.

Even before the departure I immediately noticed the maniacal organization with which everything was planned, from moment zero until my return to Italy.

Together with Angelo Veglianti of the Montefeltro staff, now at home in Macedonia, we chose what could be the best time for my trip. And so it was.

My first experience with Montefeltro began on 17 August 2021.

Having landed at Skopje airport, Angelo was already there to welcome me and together we immediately went to Bitola, the country south of Macedonia where Montefeltro has its exclusive reserve.

Arriving at the hotel I felt me at home, the structure was perfect, from the cleanliness to the food.

After the first day of travel, I was anxiously awaiting the great start of the hunt for turtledoves and wood pigeons.

As soon as we arrived on the hunting field the following morning, everything that Angelo had anticipated to me before leaving, immediately became reality and in this case my expectations were not disappointed at all, quite the opposite, they were exceeded.

Three days of hunting in which birds in large numbers showed up on the hunting ground, and I managed to bring home excellent results.

The hunting guide, a great connoisseur of the art of hunting and Macedonian lands, was by my side at all times, not only assisting me but also making me have fun.

What else to add? This experience gave me great satisfaction, it was 3 unforgettable days of hunting for doves and pigeons and for this I will never stop thanking Angelo and the whole Montefeltro team.

Now I just have to organize the next adventure, again with Montefeltro, hunting partridges and rock partridges in Macedonia.


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Enrico Zaina professional hunter Montefeltro

Montefeltro Staff, Enrico Zaina

“A passionate hunter (and former professional cyclist) has always devoted himself to his passions. An excellent guide for your hunting trips worldwide. He will follow all the programs reserved for feather enthusiasts and accompany them during the hunting season.”