One of the most beautiful destinations for hunting partridges with your dog?

Not far from the Italian coast, there is a country where hunting partridges with pointing dogs finds its ideal habitat: quail, turtle doves and wood pigeons in the summer, gray partridges and rock partridges in the autumn.

In Macedonia, the dog hunter will be able to experience his favorite hunt to this small game immersed in almost untouched nature. The beauty of these places, associated with true and native game, enhance the dog and the hunter. It is precisely in these authentic territories that most of the game that populates this nation is distributed.

Hunting partridges grounds

The Macedonian landscape has not undergone the great changes brought about by modernization, agriculture has remained in the hands of small farmers who diversify the land with their work: from stubble to uncultivated areas, to tobacco plantations to those of peppers and other vegetables. These are the aspects that make the difference and that make the Macedonian environment ideal for the dog hunting lover.

The hunting grounds range from hills and gentle plateaus with numerous reserves for partridges, to immense and majestic mountains, the kingdom of the rock partridge that lives among rocks and mountain pastures.

In mountainous areas, where the hunter can undermine rock partridge, pastoralism and rocky areas are the ideal habitat for this type of game.

Macedonia and its grounds are an excellent training ground for routing young dogs, especially in the months when hunting in Italy is closed. In August, for example, a good number of quails stop in these territories for refreshment before the great migration and are hunted in a suggestive plateau of 800 meters above sea level.

Macedonian partridges and rock partridges: wild yet authentic

partridge hunt with dogThe experience in Macedonia for dogs is essential. This is why this is the ideal destination for young dogs: it is the school that all pointing dogs should attend, starting on the plains in which to target native and crafty partridges, and then reach maturity in the mountains, hunting partridges.

Partridges (Perdix Perdix), the real ones, are fantastic animals for behavior. The “sneezing” dog learns to use the wind and goes up the wedge of the emanation, interrupting the run in a typical skid, warns and goes back up by slowing down or tearing (depending on the breed), must always give the impression that contact with the animal is hanging by a thread and this thread leads him to the herd of partridges. Gray partridge shooting is practiced in open spaces, between medic and stubble, where the hunter can enjoy the work of the dog, the style that characterizes the breed and, when a subject stops and leads you to conclude an action on a herd of partridge, the emotion reaches the highest levels.

For the more experienced dog lovers, Macedonia gives the opportunity to experience a more specialized hunt: that of the rock partridge, the queen of the rocks. The rock partridge hunt is very physical and puts hunters and dogs to the test, which must have a large bottom and strong feet. In short, the rock partridge must be a hunting gladiator.

How to reach Macedonia?

hunting gray partridges with dogsTo reach Macedonia, the hunter can choose whether to make the journey by land or by air.

The best way to get to Macedonia with your auxiliary is by land, which passes through Greece: you arrive at the port of Igoumenitsa and cross the entire Greek peninsula until you get to Bitola (about 3 and a half hours by car).

Bitola is renowned for its hospitality and traditional culture, offering visitors an authentic experience of Macedonian rural life. After a day of hunting, hunters can enjoy the local cuisine, rich in traditional dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

The other possibility is to fly to Skopje, but in this case the transport of dogs is subject to the conditions and availability of the airlines. For the hunter who prefers to arrive in Macedonia by air, we can take care of the transport of the auxiliaries with our special equipped van.

The authorized and competent staff will be able to bring your dog to its destination without any stress caused by the trip and the means of transport, essential for a trip in total safety, will rise to the occasion.

You can enjoy the hunting season and a unique experience in the exclusive and state of the art Bitola reserve hunting partridges and rock partridges.

Enjoy the Bitola Area

Bitola, located in the southwestern part of Macedonia, is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural surroundings vocated to hunting. Known as “The City of Consuls” due to its historical significance as a diplomatic center during the Ottoman Empire, Bitola boasts a blend of Ottoman, European, and Macedonian architectural styles.

The city’s most iconic landmark is the Heraclea Lyncestis archaeological site, which dates back to the 4th century BC and showcases ancient ruins, mosaics, and artifacts. Hunters can explore the remains of a Roman theater, basilicas, and thermal baths, offering a glimpse into Bitola’s ancient past.

Bitola is also home to numerous Ottoman-era buildings, including mosques, hammams (Turkish baths), and bazaars, which add to the city’s charm and historical appeal. The Old Bazaar, with its narrow cobblestone streets and traditional shops, is a popular destination for thunters seeking to immerse themselves in Bitola’s cultural heritage.


Shirok Sokak the Bitola’s pedestrian mall

Surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush countryside, Bitola offers ample opportunities for hunting partridges. The Pelister National Park, located just outside the city, is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna, as well as its scenic hiking trails and pristine lakes.

In addition to its cultural and natural attractions, Bitola is known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants offering a lively atmosphere and delicious Macedonian cuisine.

Overall, Bitola is a captivating destination that offers visitors a unique blend of hunt, history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination in Macedonia.