Experience all the emotions and sensations that a hunting trip in Tanzania can offer!

Every year, the hunter is overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia and gets lost in the memories of his own past experiences. But the gaze is always turned towards the future, reflecting and planning new hunting adventures.

If you are looking for one of the most exciting countries for trophy hunting, Tanzania will surely enchant you with the unique charm of East Africa!

The different types of habitats and landscapes make the hunting trip to Tanzania exceptional: from the Selousmiombo forest, to the Moyowoshi marshes on the border with Rwanda and Burundi, to the central areas of the great rivers up to the mountainous areas of Kilimanjaro or Mount Kitumbeine where where very aggressive “mountain” buffaloes are the masters.

The magnificent Masai plains of the North refer to the vast grasslands located in the northern part of Masai territory in East Africa.

These plains are characterized by expansive savannahs, dotted with acacia trees and occasional rocky outcrops, and are inhabited by the indigenous Masai people.

These lands are renowned for their stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and cultural significance, making them a popular destination for wildlife safaris and cultural experiences.

The Masai plains of the North on the other hand, are characterized by their typical  species, including the most coveted trophies by the Safarists, among them:

Antelopes: Species such as impalas, gazelles, and hartebeests are commonly found on the plains and are often targeted by hunters.

Wildebeests: These large herbivores are abundant in the grasslands of East Africa and are a popular game species.

Zebras: With their distinctive black and white stripes, zebras roam the savannahs in large herds and are occasionally hunted by sportsmen.

Warthogs: These sturdy pigs are found throughout the region and are a common target for hunters.

Cape buffalo: Known for their size and strength, Cape buffalo can be found in the Masai plains and are considered a challenging and prestigious hunting trophy.

Its immense expanses, dotted with small bushy reliefs, are nothing but the refuge of the shy “Lesser Kudu”, the real hunting jewel of this area together with the “Gerenuk”, better known as the giraffe antelope.

There is no doubt that Tanzania also offers the highest quality hunts for all antelopes, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards and black-maned lions.

Luca Bogarelli’s hunting trip to Tanzania.

Luca remembers well his last hunting trip in Tanzania and all the emotions it gave him. Read his story!

“The humid night of Dar es Salaam welcomes me in an embrace that has been suspended for a decade. I feel the smell of Africa, of my Africa, the one made of transparent air, the cerulean ocean and thorny savannahs, the ones of the boundless Masai steppes.

Soft are the nine hours on the off-road vehicles to reach the Kitwai camp, a small village shared by Masai and Ndorobo. I drink the views that I had not seen for too long, the  shacks outskirts, the markets overflowing with fruit: mangoes not completely ripe, very sweet papayas, jack fruit and pineapples perfect in shape and flavor.

Groups of huts follow one another, the hills flatten and suddenly, behind a curve, the plains: endless gray carpets dotted with embroidery of thorny acacias. The smell of wood smoke assails me and, in its evocative embrace, takes me back in time when this continent was for me passion, obsession and reason for life.

Now, mature hunter, man of travels and of winning and losing bets, I meet Africa again in a more sober, more reasoned way. It has certainly become part of me, but I live it with that tender detachment with which you accompany a child to his own life; I caress her, holding  her with a dormant love, without passion, as when you meet an old flame.

I decompress and my heart regains a regular beat as I try to leave fatigue and pain behind: thoughts fly lighter bouncing from star to star in the deep black of the African night.

The rocky massif that heads the camp seems to push the moon upwards, almost full, bright like a lighthouse, milky like a ribbon of foam on the sea …

In the darkness of the tent, lulled by the sounds of the night and the murmur of time, I reflect on life, on my beautiful life, blessed with joys, experiences and full of love. Carefree and profound, poised between challenges and fortunes, disappointments and victories, but “life”, intense and also lived in the fullness of a passion that becomes a path between “sense and sensibility” …

I await the silence of the deep night and the solitude it brings, to be able to fill it with thoughts and projects. Solitude: point of departure and arrival at the same time. “

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