We are delighted to invite you to experience a unique opportunity during the dog training season at our reserve in Bitola, Macedonia.

Bitola, with its breathtaking landscape and rich wildlife, is the ideal place to prepare your dogs for hunting doves, pigeons, and quails.

Located amidst the green hills and golden plains of Macedonia, Bitola is a true paradise for hunters. The diverse terrain offers a blend of open meadows, lush forests, and sparkling streams. The vistas are simply spectacular: at sunrise, golden light floods the fields, while the song of birds fills the air with a natural symphony.

Hunting in Macedonia

The hills of Bitola stretch as far as the eye can see, dotted with centuries-old trees and wildflowers. This idyllic environment is the perfect stage for dog training, offering them a variety of terrains and conditions to explore and master.

 The Thrill of Training

Dog training in Bitola is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Watching your dog run freely in the fields, tracking doves and pigeons, or flushing out quails from the tall grass, is an indescribable joy. Every movement of the dog, every sign of nearing prey, ignites an energy and enthusiasm that only true hunting enthusiasts can understand.

dog training in macedonia

Training is not just about teaching the dog to follow commands; it’s a journey of mutual growth where hunter and dog learn to trust each other, communicate without words, and work together as a perfect team.

 Training Tips

A dog is like an athlete preparing for a championship: it needs to be trained well to endure the upcoming months of hunting. Here are some tips to ensure your dog is ready:

Start Early: Don’t wait until the last moment to begin training. Plan regular and progressive sessions of physical activity to improve the dog’s endurance and strength.
Variety of Terrain: Train the dog on different types of terrain to acclimate it to various conditions it might encounter during the hunting season. Bitola offers a wide range of environments, from open fields to dense woods, perfect for this purpose.
Short but Frequent Sessions: It’s better to have short and frequent training sessions rather than long and occasional ones. This helps keep the dog active and focused without overloading it.
Socialization: Expose your dog to social situations with other dogs and people to get it accustomed to working in a group and staying calm in the presence of distractions.

A Welcoming Reserve

The Bitola reserve is equipped to provide hunters and their dogs with everything they need for a comfortable and productive stay. The facilities are designed to ensure maximum comfort and functionality. Each day, after training sessions, you can relax in a welcoming environment, enjoying a local cuisine rich in authentic flavors and fine wines.

 Hunting in Bitola: Doves and Pigeons, Perfect Training

This year, the Bitola reserve in Macedonia not only offers training for your dogs on quails but also provides the perfect season for hunting doves and pigeons. This makes Bitola the ideal destination for those looking to take a break from training their companion and focus on shooting practice.

Doves and pigeons in Macedonia

The Season of Doves and Pigeons in Bitola

These wild birds abound in the Bitola reserve during this season, offering a stimulating and rewarding hunt. Known for their speed and agility in flight, these birds present an exciting challenge for hunters. Each hunting expedition becomes an opportunity to refine one’s aim and improve shooting skills.


Hunting doves in Bitola is an experience that combines the adrenaline of shooting with the serenity of connecting with nature. Each flight of a dove is a precision challenge, requiring concentration and readiness. Hunters can enjoy the beauty of doves soaring against the blue sky, feeling their heart rate quicken as they prepare to shoot.

A Break for Your Companion

For those looking to give their companion a break, dove and pigeon hunting is the ideal solution. While the dog rests after intense training sessions, you can continue to practice and enjoy yourself, keeping your passion for hunting alive. This break allows the dog to recuperate, ensuring it is ready and in shape for the upcoming challenges.

Summer migratory hunt in Macedonia

Bitola offers a dove hunting season that is perfect for those looking to practice shooting and enjoy the beauty of Macedonian nature. Come experience the thrill of hunting in an extraordinary environment, where each day is an opportunity to improve your skills and create unforgettable memories. The Bitola reserve awaits you for an unparalleled dove hunting season.

Join us in Bitola for a unique hunting experience!

Don’t miss the chance to prepare your dog for the upcoming hunting season in the stunning Bitola reserve. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the landscape, the excitement of training, and the satisfaction of seeing your dog excel. Join us in Bitola and live an experience that will enrich not only your hunting skills but also the bond with your trusted hunting companion.