On the Trail of the Quail: A Hunting Adventure in Macedonia

Deep in the wild lands of Macedonia lies a hidden treasure for sports hunting enthusiasts: the quail. This charming ground bird, with its distinctive plumage and characteristic call, has become the object of desire for many hunters seeking an exciting and authentic challenge with their helpers.

The quail, also known as “Coturnix Coturnix,” is a common inhabitant of the hilly and mountainous regions of Macedonia. Its adaptation to the wild nature and variable climatic conditions of this region makes it a coveted prey for those looking for an authentic and stimulating hunting experience.

Quail hunting with pointing dogs is an ancient art that requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of this bird’s behavior. Guided by our expert guides, you will venture through the breathtaking landscapes of Macedonia, following the tracks of these fascinating small creatures.

But quail hunting is not just a matter of shooting skill. It is an immersive experience that allows you to connect with nature and with the millennia-old tradition of hunting. Breathe the fresh air of the Macedonian mountains, listen to the sound of the wildlife around you, and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of the moment.

So, if you are a hunting enthusiast looking for an authentic and unforgettable adventure, Macedonia is the perfect place for you. Follow the trail of the quail and prepare for a hunting experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a new understanding of the wild beauty of this fascinating Balkan country.

Quail Hunting in Macedonia

Bitola, the Perfect Hunting Area

Macedonia is indeed one of the most beloved destinations for feather hunting enthusiasts, especially for hunters with dogs.

In the summer months, the absolute protagonist is undoubtedly the quail, which finds its ideal habitat among the vast plains and gentle hills of Macedonia.

In Macedonia, thanks to a varied agriculture including wheat, barley, sunflowers, and cereal crops, and non-intensive livestock farming, the ideal environment is created for the refuge of wild game. This is why the quail is also called “The Queen of the Stubbles.”

With its cunning and its ability to move easily, it manages to test hunters and their dogs. For this type of hunting, the help of pointing dogs becomes fundamental for the hunter.

While it may be difficult to see, it can be easier to hear thanks to its loud and metallic call, audible both in the early hours of the morning and at sunset.

Quail hunting with pointing dog in Eastern Europe

The color of the plumage ensures perfect camouflage in low vegetation: it is uniformly sand yellow, strongly streaked with white, fulvous, and black on the upper parts. The underparts are lighter, with darkish and whitish streaks alternating on the sides, without barring, and the female shows a fine spotting. It is a solitary species, which only aggregates during migrations.

This small migratory bird provides inexplicable emotions, its presence in the Bitola area is already there from the first days of August when the large expanses, where until the first days of July there was wheat, become huge stubbles where the quail, at sunset and in the early hours of the day, likes to stop to feed on the grains left on the ground.

Small game quail Coturnix Coturnix

The hunting season starts on August 1st and ends at the end of September.

The hunting grounds are not particularly demanding, but both dogs and hunters will need to work with their noses and precision.

The quail is the smallest game bird that can be hunted with a pointing dog, and Macedonia is the region of excellence for this type of hunting. While the challenge for the hunter lies in the shot due to its rapid flight, the dog will have to do its part in finding the scent that the quail leaves on the warm ground during this period.

Its small size and the color of its plumage make it difficult to spot even for the most experienced hunter.

In short, quail hunting can certainly be a good training ground for your puppy or a great exercise for your adult dog, as it is used as an evaluation measure for pointing dog trials.

If you want to experience an unforgettable quail hunting adventure with your dog, Macedonia is the destination for you. Embark on this journey with your faithful companion.

Hunting in Macedonia with Montefeltro

Macedonian Cuisine

Traveling for hunting also means immersing yourself in the culture and “flavors” of the place. Macedonian cuisine is a fascinating fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan, and Oriental influences, reflected in a wide range of dishes rich in flavors and aromas. Based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, Macedonian cuisine celebrates the simplicity and authenticity of traditional dishes.

One of the most iconic dishes of Macedonian cuisine is “Tavče gravče,” a tasty bean soup prepared with round beans, peppers, onions, and spices. Another popular dish is “Ajvar,” a sauce made from roasted peppers, eggplants, garlic, and olive oil, often served as a condiment or accompaniment.

Meat plays a central role in Macedonian cuisine, with dishes like “Ćevapi,” small sausages made of pork or beef, and “Šopska salata,” a fresh salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and feta cheese. Meat dishes are often accompanied by side dishes such as “Kajmak,” a cream made from fresh cheese, and “Ajvar.”

Macedonian cuisine also boasts a wide range of sweets and desserts, including “Tulumba,” fried sweets soaked in sugar syrup, and “Baklava,” layers of pastry filled with nuts and honey syrup.

Furthermore, Macedonia is renowned for its fine wines, with indigenous varieties such as “Vranec” and “T’ga za Jug,” which perfectly complement the traditional dishes of the local cuisine.

Macedonian cuisine is a culinary treasure that celebrates the richness of tradition and the authenticity of local flavors, offering hunters an unforgettable gastronomic experience.