Montefeltro will be at the Nashville SCI Convention from January 31st to February 3rd, 2024.

We are excited about the opportunity of meeting you! Join us at BOOTH nr. 1301.

Come to discover our experiences and how we can customize your trip to Italy exactly as your desire.

Montefeltro hunting lodge

In Italy, alongside the most famous cities, there are villages and towns suspended in time, woods and lakes, enchanted castles, churches and places of art, excellent food, and lots of fashion. Italy is an immense casket of treasures to be discovered and rediscovered. Beautiful emotions and new memories at every step and every glimpse.

In each region, you can combine hunting with leisure activities to your liking.

To all passionate hunters, making your hunting tour even more unique, we offer the opportunity to visit the world’s most famous firearm manufacturers: the Beretta, based in Brescia and the Benelli Armi, based in Urbino.

Hunters during the stalking in Italy

Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable living experience in Italy based on the traditional spirit of the Italian way of hunting, all while discovering the beauties of our country.

We focus on curating the best destinations, best outfitters and professional hunters, paying great attention to the accommodation and the global services before, during and after the hunt.

If you’re unable to attend the convention, you can still learn about our proposal: download our brochure!

You will find captivating programs which can be combined and customized according to what you prefer in order to have the best Italian experience.

Wildlife, timeless cities and “La Dolce Vita”. Italy has always been known for its cultural tradition and its beautiful nature which represent the Italian soul in all its glory.

Embark on a journey starting from the enchanting northern Italy, characterized by beautiful lakes, mountains, and picturesque villages.

Explore the heart of the country, where breathtaking landscapes, art centers, good food and wine await.

Montefeltro hunting lodge

Wander through the thick woods of our estates, discovering the beauty of nature and experiencing the overwhelming emotions of the Italian hunting culture.

Montefeltro goes beyond hunting: it’s an exploration of Italy’s beautiful culture, from medieval villages to towns and suggestive picturesque locations. The numerous fortified castles, palaces, and vast villas scattered across the country will leave you unforgettable memories at every step and every glimpse.

Get a sneak peek into our programs by downloading our brochure and meeting us in person at the SCI Convention in Nashville BOOTH nr. 1301. Don’t miss out this chance!