The Quality of “Made in Italy” is Embodied in a Hunting Estate in the Heart of the Apennine Mountains

The Valle di Fiordimonte hunting estate, with over 5.000 hectares, is the largest in Italy.

It is located in the heart of the central Apennines on the border between Marche and Umbria. Its topographic landscape is particularly suitable for big game hunting, especially wild boars, including bow hunting, as well as upland hunting.

Here hunters can test their skills and their hunting dogs. An incredibily diverse area ranging from 500 to 1.500 meter above sea level.

Valle di Fiordimonte’s fame stems from the historical practice of hunting with pointing dogs. The immense grasslands at high altitudes are fantastic for training dogs on partridges, quails, and rock partidges.

At lower altitudes, the agricultural areas and the wood host many pheasants.

Big Game Hunting

Red deer hunting in Italy

Red deer

From 1st August to 28th February

Roe deer hunting in italy

Roe Deer

Bucks from 15th August to 30th September; Doe and yearling: from 15th January to 30th March

fallow deer hunting in Italy

Fallow deer

From 1st August to 31st March

Wild boar hunting in Italy

Wild boar

All year round

Bird Shooting

Partridge hunting

Grey partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

A famous pheasant of ours in Rivergaro hunting estate


From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

Our beautiful partriges in Rivergaro Hunting estate

Red Partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

Leisure Activities



What People Are Saying

Montefeltro has perfectly combined hunting and leisure in Italy.

Many thanks from my wife who appreciated the tour of Milan and Piacenza while I will never forget the marvellous fallow deer trophy and the visits to the Ferrari museum and Pagani factory.

Thank you Montefeltro.

See you next year.

Andrew T.

I wanted to thank you for the exquisite welcome and management of the two days.

Everyone is satisfied with the hunting experience.

The organization of the whole trip was really accurate in detail.

The agriturismo was beautiful and the cooking class was an excellent experience.

The assistance was also super, we’ve really appreciated our guide.

I would recommend Montefeltro for the organization of a wonderful trip!

Mark W.

The hunting experience was excellent.

We flushed many birds and the Bracco Italiano pointers were very good.

The guide is a true gentleman and great host.

We really enjoyed his company.

We also enjoyed the chef’s fine cooking.

The spacing of activities and free time was perfect. Just our sincere thanks for all your help and attention in arranging this trip.

Thank you!

Antony D.