Hunting in Italy: The Quality of “Made in Italy” Embodied in a Hunting Estate in the Heart of the Apennine Mountains

The Valle di Fiordimonte hunting estate, sprawling over an impressive 5,000 hectares, proudly holds the title of the largest hunting estate in Italy. Nestled in the heart of the central Apennines, straddling the border between Marche and Umbria, this estate offers an unparalleled hunting experience that embodies the excellence and tradition of “Made in Italy.”

The Valle di Fiordimonte hunting reserve is located near the historic city of Urbino, a jewel of the Italian Renaissance and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Urbino is not only a city of great cultural and artistic significance but also the home of Benelli, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality hunting rifles, part of the prestigious Beretta group.

Imagine spending a day immersed in the natural beauty of Valle di Fiordimonte, participating in an unforgettable hunting experience in one of the most enchanting regions of central Italy. After exploring the vast hunting grounds, which offer a variety of game and challenges for hunters of all levels, you can complete your experience with an exclusive visit to the Benelli factory.

At the Benelli plant, you will have the unique opportunity to discover the production process of some of the world’s most famous hunting rifles. You will see up close the advanced technologies and craftsmanship that combine to create firearms of unparalleled precision and reliability. Benelli experts will guide you through each stage of production, from design to assembly, illustrating the attention to detail and innovation that characterize every product.

Combining a day of hunting at Valle di Fiordimonte with a visit to the Benelli factory offers an extraordinary experience that blends the excitement of hunting with the fascination of learning how world-class hunting rifles are made. This unique opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship and hunting traditions, making your visit to Italy truly memorable.

A Premier Destination for Big Game and Upland Hunting

Valle di Fiordimonte’s diverse topographic landscape makes it particularly suitable for a variety of hunting activities. The estate’s elevation ranges from 500 to 1,500 meters above sea level, offering a rich tapestry of environments that challenge and excite hunters of all levels.

Big Game Hunting

For enthusiasts of big game hunting, the estate is a paradise, especially renowned for its thriving wild boar population. Hunters can engage in traditional rifle hunting or opt for the more challenging and intimate bow hunting. The dense forests and rugged terrain provide the perfect backdrop for tracking and hunting these formidable creatures, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled experience.

Hunting in Italy with pointing dogs Rivergaro

Upland Hunting

Valle di Fiordimonte is equally famous for its upland hunting opportunities. The estate’s fame is particularly linked to the historical practice of hunting with pointing dogs. The vast grasslands at high altitudes are ideal for training and hunting with these dogs, particularly on partridges, quails, and rock partridges. These high-altitude prairies provide an open, yet challenging environment where dogs can hone their skills and hunters can enjoy the traditional sport.

At the lower altitudes, the agricultural fields and wooded areas are teeming with pheasants. These areas offer a different kind of challenge and are perfect for hunters looking to test their skills in a more varied and dense landscape. The interplay between open fields and dense woods makes every hunt unique and thrilling.

A Tradition of Excellence of hunting in Italy

The Valle di Fiordimonte estate not only offers exceptional hunting opportunities but also upholds a long-standing tradition of excellence. This is evident in the meticulous management of the estate and the conservation of its natural habitats. The estate’s commitment to sustainability ensures that wildlife populations are maintained and that the natural beauty of the Apennine landscape is preserved for future generations.

The Perfect Training Ground for Hunting Dogs

One of the standout features of Valle di Fiordimonte is its suitability as a training ground for hunting dogs. The diverse landscapes provide the perfect setting for dogs to develop their skills. The high-altitude grasslands are particularly prized for training pointing dogs, allowing them to track and point birds with precision. Meanwhile, the lower wooded and agricultural areas offer a more challenging environment where dogs can demonstrate their versatility and adaptability.

Woodcock hunting with pointing dog
wilb boar stalked by a maremman hund

Hunting in Italy at the Valle di Fiordimonte estate is more than just a sporting activity; it is an immersive experience into the rich hunting heritage of the Apennine Mountains. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice, the estate offers a variety of hunting opportunities that cater to all skill levels. From big game hunting to upland bird hunting, every moment spent in this stunning landscape is a testament to the quality and tradition of “Made in Italy.” Come and discover the unparalleled beauty and excitement of hunting in Italy at Valle di Fiordimonte, where the art of hunting meets the splendor of nature.

Big Game Hunting

Red deer hunting in Italy

Red deer

From 1st August to 28th February

Roe deer hunting in italy

Roe Deer

Bucks from 15th August to 30th September; Doe and yearling: from 15th January to 30th March

fallow deer hunting in Italy

Fallow deer

From 1st August to 31st March

Wild boar hunting in Italy

Wild boar

All year round

Bird Shooting

Partridge hunting

Grey partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

A famous pheasant of ours in Rivergaro hunting estate


From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

Our beautiful partriges in Rivergaro Hunting estate

Red Partridge

From the 3rd Sunday of September to 31st January

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