Are you a keen hunter of hunting in Africa, but you don’t want to limit yourself only to big trophies and you want to have fun with small game too?

Caccia in senegalEvery hunter knows that the African continent is able to offer unique hunting emotions throughout its wide land.

Senegal with its diverse terrains, rich in wildlife and baobabs will make you spend unforgettable hunting days. A hunting trip to Senegal will really awaken a great spirit of adventure in every hunter!

After a few hours of flight, from any airport in Italy, you will have arrived in the city Dakar, the capital of Senegal, which overlooks the island of slaves.

The island was the scene of the country’s terrible past. Here, in fact, millions of unfortunate people sold as workforce in the various colonies passed through.

But today, in Senegal, the past remains the same and leaves space for a magnificent rebirth, which makes the country the ideal place to welcome people from all over the world, attracted to the country also for hunting tourism!

The Senegalese hunting ground is located to the east of the country, in the wildest areas, on the border of the Niokolo-Koba national park.

If you want to experience a unique experience in hunting warthogs, combining your hunting days with small game of all kinds.  all you have to do is follow our valuable instructions and go on a hunting trip to Senegal.

All you have to do is follow our precious instructions and leave for a hunting trip to Senegal.

Your hunting dream: a hunting trip in Senegal

After landing in Dakar, an off-road vehicle will take you to Kedougou, the hunting area located on the Gambia River, to make you experience unforgettable hunting days.

The hunting camp is spartan but comfortable, immersed in a garden which, with its greenery, tries to mitigate the forty degrees of the dry season; the service is attentive and friendly, especially from those who will be your trackers, or “pisteur“, in the following days.

The departure for the hunting is scheduled for 06:00 and, as the first day, we will head towards the area of the Double Spoor Francolin.

This area is characterized by large expanses of tall yellow grass populated not only by beautiful birds, but also by the rare African rock partridges, or Poule de Roches. After lunch, we move towards what it will be the waiting theater for turtledoves and “ganga“, better known as Sand grouse.

From small game to big game in Senegal

After a couple of days of small game hunting, we will move to the area dedicated to big game hunting which is, without a doubt, the kingdom of baobabs and warthogs, an area where roan and northwestern buffalo roam the arid savannah.

In the lands of the “grand gibier“, large numbers of warthogs compete for territory with the “Guibeharnachè“, better known as the Harnessed bushbuck.

Among these, we find the Roan antelope, which here they call “Koba” the savannah buffalo, smaller than the Kaffir but equally aggressive, the Red hartebeest, and the small duikers typical of West Africa.

Djibrill Caccia in SenegalThis is why Senegal is the ideal place to live an exciting mixed hunting experience, thanks to the very rich wildlife that pushes hunters beyond their limits and fascinates them thanks to the spirit of adventure that characterizes it!

Senegal will certainly not leave disappointed those who decide to participate in the particular hunting trips that only this place can offer!

Request a hunting program in Senegal now! The warm welcome of Djibrill, our on-site outfitter, and the large baobabs that characterize the Senegalese landscape await you!

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