Hunting in Botswana is a perfect experience for those who want to test themselves with an African safari and new hunting territories.

The days spent among evocative landscapes, following the tracks of wild animals, and enjoying dinners in the camp in front of the fire will be a truly unforgettable experience! The thrill of the hunt, the beauty of the surroundings, and the camaraderie shared around the campfire create memories that last a lifetime. Every moment in the wilderness, from the first light of dawn illuminating the savannah to the quiet moments under a starlit sky, adds to the rich tapestry of your adventure.

Hunting in Botswana

Big game hunting enthusiasts will be fascinated by the scenery of Botswana. This country offers vast, untouched landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for an exhilarating hunting experience. The Okavango Delta, with its intricate network of waterways, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife, is a prime location for tracking game. Here, hunters can encounter elephants, lions, buffalo, and leopards in their natural habitats, each sighting offering a mix of excitement and respect for these magnificent creatures.

Botswana’s hunting reserves are meticulously managed to ensure sustainable hunting practices, maintaining the delicate balance of its ecosystems. The thrill of the hunt is coupled with a deep appreciation for conservation efforts, as hunters contribute to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats. Experienced guides lead the way, sharing their knowledge of the land and its inhabitants, enhancing the overall experience with their expertise and stories of the wild.

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As you follow the tracks of elusive animals, every step through the bush is filled with anticipation. The silence is broken only by the sounds of nature – the rustling of leaves, the distant call of a bird, the snap of a twig underfoot. The adrenaline rush when you spot your quarry is unparalleled, a testament to the primal connection between hunter and prey that has existed for millennia.

But as we all know, Africa is a continent that makes you fall in love and pushes those who have been lucky enough to visit it to return. The stunning sunsets, the vast skies, and the diverse wildlife create an allure that is hard to resist. Your trip to Botswana, perhaps, will only be the first of many. The memories of your hunting expedition – the challenges faced, the triumphs celebrated, and the beauty of the land – will call you back time and again. The friendships forged with fellow hunters and guides, the stories shared around the campfire, and the sense of accomplishment felt after a successful hunt are all part of the magic that is Botswana.

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In Botswana, hunting is more than just a sport; it’s an immersive experience that connects you deeply with nature. Whether you are navigating the lush delta or traversing the arid landscapes of the Kalahari Desert, the diversity of Botswana’s terrain offers a unique challenge for every hunter. The country’s commitment to conservation ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy its wild beauty. As you pack your bags at the end of your journey, you’ll carry with you not just trophies, but a profound respect for the natural world and a treasure trove of memories that will stay with you forever.

But as we all know, Africa is a country that makes you fall in love and pushes those who have been lucky enough to visit it to return: your trip to Botswana, perhaps, will only be the first!

The hunting reserve and territories

The reserve, which extends for 60,000 hectares, is located in the north-west of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, with which it borders for 48 km. It is located approximately 150 km from the city of Maun.

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The Kalahari is considered a desert, characterized by endless expanses of red sand, bushes, savannah, saline deserts and lacks rivers and lakes, although there is frequent rainfall that provides grazing to feed a large population of herbivores and maintain vegetation from dream.


Which animals are present in the reserve

The main animals hunted in the reserve are antelopes such as oryx, kudu, wildebeest, impala and springbok, but also eland and waterbuck. The reserve is also home to warthogs, ostriches, jackals and more.

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An area truly rich in game, which allows you to observe all these animals in their habitat with fascination. Many other species, even if not huntable, can be spotted in the reserve.

In particular, there is a large number of elephants, but it is also possible to meet cats: lions and cheetahs!

How to build your holiday in Botswana

You can build your holiday in Botswana as you prefer, including days dedicated to discovering Botswana’s natural landscapes.

Stopover in Johannesburg you take the plane to Maun, from where you then transfer to the camp by car.

From here, we start with the hunt, which in our basic program lasts 5 days but you can choose how many days to do.

At the end of the hunt, if you want, you can organize some days to discover the beauty of Botswana.

Okavango Delta


This country has one of the lowest concentrations of inhabitants in the world, a fact which, linked to a tourism policy aimed at strict environmental protection and conservation, has contributed to the maintenance of completely wild and intact areas, so much so that it is often presented as ‘the Africa’s best kept secret’.

A place that we certainly recommend not to miss is the Okavango Delta, a region half an hour by plane from the reserve. Here the river divides offering a unique spectacle!

The Okavango River, coming from Angola and Namibia, has opened its delta in the desert sands, about a thousand kilometers from the sea, forming hundreds of islands, channels and meanders.

The Okavango Delta is home to elephants, hippos and buffaloes but also to an incomparable ornithological fauna.

If you decide to spend a few more days discovering the Okavango Delta you will have the opportunity to admire all its beauty with excursions on horseback, by boat, helicopter and much more.

Let yourself be conquered by Botswana, by the magnificent hunting it offers and its natural beauty.