The travel diary of Enrico.

deer hunting in bulgariaSince few years I did not return to the deer roaring and to do so, last September, I decided to follow the advice of my friend Luca Bogarelli, relying on the Montefeltro Tour Operator.

In the period of a full rut, I traveled to Bulgaria with very high expectations that were certainly not disappointed.

The Rhodope Mountains, in the Kormisosh reserve, made me experience unique hunting emotions: a real mountain hunt, on a vast and varied territory.

The pristine and fascinating landscapes of this area, which vary from dense forest to mountain prairies, are populated by abundant and very active game.

Listening to the echo of the roar, in this unique setting, is certainly a moment that every hunter should experience at least once in their life.

I lived 5 days of deer hunting in Bulgaria where I did exclusively hunting and stalking, very well attended.

In these hunting days, the results were more than satisfactory: 3 beautiful deer, of which 2 bronze medals, and 2 roe deer.

The trophies of this area are certainly not as massive as those of the Danubian plains, but they are crowned, symmetrical, and of undoubted quality.

The organization and execution of the hunt was managed in a professional and careful way, with passionate guides who certainly did not skimp on the demanding and dynamic work of an authentic mountain hunt.

The accommodation could be chosen between two options: a sumptuous hunting lodge legacy of the regime or a second smaller, but still opulent. I opted for the second one.

The general services are of the highest order: airport welcome, transfers, and logistical assistance.

Deer hunting in Bulgaria

My journey had yet to come to an end and I was already thinking, together with the local guide, of returning to Bulgaria soon to be able to discover new areas populated by majestic deer.

What else to add? A hunting trip in which I experienced authentic mountain stalking hunting.

My sincere and grateful thanks to all the Montefeltro staff and the Bulgarian staff, who have allowed me a wonderful experience.

I will definitely come back.


If you too want to experience Enrico’s emotions, while deer hunting in Bulgaria, write to us and we will organize your hunting trip together!

Luca Bogarelli Professional hunter Montefeltro

Montefeltro Staff, Luca Bogarelli

“Luca Bogarelli loves hunting and nature, experiencing both in a comprehensive manner. Adding to this, his passion for travel has led him over the years to explore places, people, and unique wildlife around the world.

A self-described ‘traveler with a rifle’, Luca has gathered hunting experiences across nearly the entire African continent, as well as in Asia, America, and Europe, in all the countries of hunting interest.”