Choosing clothings for small game hunting

The opening of the hunting season, especially if we are talking about woodcocks, gray partridges, rock partridges, and partridges, goes towards autumn, the time of the year when temperatures begin to drop.

We know well that hunting days must start early in the morning to be profitable, but temperatures can be particularly cold and the hunter will also have to fight humidity and frost, in addition to low temperatures.

And here, before the season begins, the hunter wonders not only what could be the best destination for his favorite hunt, but also what kind of clothing to get to facing his hunting days.

For you a series of valuable tips on what is the best clothing for each destination, suitable for hunting small game!

Woodcocks hunting in Scotland

Scotland is a land with a humid and mild winter climate, characterized by green meadows spotted with broom and expanses of heather, which is why woodcocks overwinter in these places.


In short, a small Scottish charm where the protagonist of the hunting days is the queen of the wood.

Here, dog and hunter become an inseparable duo: entering the bushes, the hunter will be breathless looking his auxiliary work and the beauty of the places where he is.

But what to pack to enter the Scottish territory of the Bute island?

In the suitcase of the woodcock hunter, there must be no lack of waterproof clothing, which repels water and, at the same time, are able to dry quickly.

It must be technical clothing designed to be resistant between brooms and brambles, comfortable in shoulder the gun since cunning woodcocks force the hunter to shoot very quickly.

Woodcockshunting in Bulgaria

Bulgaria reminds in some way Crimea!

From the end of November to the beginning of December, woodcock hunting in Bulgaria takes place in the hornbeam and beech woods, while, from December to January, the hunter dives among oaks and dense woods surrounded by clearings.

Woodcock hunting in Bulgaria requires breathable, resistant, and comfortable clothing.

The right fit, with garments that are not too heavy and resistant, allow the hunter to face long walks on the ground.

Each accessory becomes important: the internal and external pockets must be well studied.

Woodcock hunting must allow sudden movements and treacherous passages among the vegetation, a poorly designed jacket makes these movements difficult, as well as being subject to continuous tearing.

Partridges and Black grouses hunting in Sweden

Hunting for partridges and grouse in Sweden.

Swedish Lapland is a magical place. The climate changes suddenly from summer to autumn.

Here lakes and rivers, according to the seasons, vary their water flow.

And these are the details that the hunter must keep in mind: they are essential to understand what to pack.

All clothing, from the boot to the jacket, must have special characteristics.

The boots must be comfortable and waterproof, preferably high above the ankle to face streams and ponds with humid peat.

The trousers must have different characteristics depending on the season.

In the summer season, between August and early September, they must be breathable and light.

Moving on to the winter season, where low temperatures and heavy snowfalls will cover the whole hunting area, it is necessary to be equipped with waterproof and comfortable trousers.

An important detail in hunting trousers, to always keep in mind when deciding to tackle a hunting trip in the beautiful Swedish Lapland: a zip on the thigh part will be very useful for managing the microclimate inside the trousers, as it will avoid the hunter from sweating excessively, keeping the temperature controlled.

Needless to say, you can’t improvise on the tundra or in the forest.

The wild and unique nature of its kind requires physical preparation but above all a lot of attention in clothing.

Partridge and rock partridge hunting in Macedonia

For hunting partridges in Macedonia, between August and November, we could compare the same clothing necessary to woodcock hunting in Bulgaria.

A very popular destination, where hunting with pointing dogs finds its ideal habitat.

Territories that range from the immense and majestic Macedonian mountains, the kingdom of the rock partridge that lives among rocks and mountain pastures, to the hills and gentle plateaus with numerous reserves for gray partridges.

The sometimes uncultivated land between plains and hills give way to a feeling of freedom.

Never too demanding, usually airy and acute places allow a mild climate.

Waterfowl hunting in Argentina

In Argentina, the waterfowl hunting is the queen of the hunt: it is difficult to remain indifferent to the beauty and quantity of ducks (all huntable) that play in the skies at dawn, between rivers and lakes, in barrels or from hide.

In Argentina, every shot is emotion.

Waterfowl hunting in Argentina is mainly from hide, that why camouflage, comfortable and elastic garments cannot be missing in your suitcase, which, depending on the season, must be adapted to the temperatures.

After this series of valuable tips, all you have to plan your trip for your favorite hunt and prepare everything you need!

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