Are you an adventurous hunter, lover of the hunting in Africa? Montefeltro offers you a unique hunt, the one in Cameroon!

This African country offers extremely diverse terrains, from the warm savannah to the rainforest, for more extreme hunting.

In the southernmost part, the rainforest is populated by splendid Bongos, animals of rare beauty not only for the trophy but for the beautiful white stripes.

To the north, on the other hand, the Cameroonian shrub savannah habitat is home to the typical fauna of West Africa: from different species of antelope to the North Western Buffalo.

caccia in Cameroun Benué National Park hunting in cameroon

A reserve with an extension of 75,000 hectares on the river Faro, where the hunter can also meet the Lord Derby Eland.

This splendid antelope, known also as the Giant Eland, is certainly the undisputed king of this area and is much more massive than those of the east and south.

The hunting period is from January to March and the programs for the safari of your dreams are various.

You can choose from the Plains Game to the buffalo hunt, up to the queen hunt of Cameroon: the one at Lord Derby Eland.

Luca had the opportunity to live this magical experience to say the least! Read his story:

“In African April a few years ago, Mario and I organized our hunting trip to Cameroon.

After a 16-hour train ride from the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, we arrived at the hunting camp in a remote northern area, bordering the Benué National Park, famous for the number of its animals and for the presence of the undisputed king of these lands: the Lord Derby Eland.

hunting in Cameroon

The spartan accommodation does not extinguish our enthusiasm and our great passion makes us digest the lack of any kind of luxury. Wake up at the first light of dawn and ready to leave for the hunting area.

It didn’t take much to understand that the dry and arid ground is hard and difficult under the boots, the dry leaves creak mercilessly and warn the animals we trace of our presence, thus frustrating the repeated attempts to approach.

The first victim is a “red flanked duiker“, the small red antelope, a goblin from central Africa, which with its meager five kilos is one of the smallest trophies in this area.

Towards evening a magnificent “Cob de Buffon” falls after a short track, to close an extremely profitable first day.

At the end of our journey, it was still an intense test that added a significant experience to our hunting heritage, despite the Lord Derby Eland still remaining a dream.

The harshness of prolonged marches, the inconveniences of accommodation, and the unknowns of this type of hunting made us appreciate the little things to which, out of habit, we no longer pay attention: the comforting smile of one of the pisteurs after a long walk, the familiar taste of pasta in oil and the scent of instant coffee at dawn become a precious gift in the solitude of the “brousse”.

Luca Bogarelli Professional hunter Montefeltro

Montefeltro Staff, Luca Bogarelli

“Luca Bogarelli loves hunting and nature, experiencing both in a comprehensive manner. Adding to this, his passion for travel has led him over the years to explore places, people, and unique wildlife around the world.

A self-described ‘traveler with a rifle’, Luca has gathered hunting experiences across nearly the entire African continent, as well as in Asia, America, and Europe, in all the countries of hunting interest.”