The wild boar hunt is one of the most widespread wild boar hunting techniques in Europe and a true passion in Italy, alongside selective hunting.

The challenge of the so-called “king of the thicket” is never simple but requires hunting skills and good organization.

The wild boar is a robust game animal widely present in many countries, thanks in part to its high reproductive rate. In Italy you will find it almost everywhere.

Many hunters, driven by a great passion for this type of hunting, venture beyond national borders.

The day’s outcome varies greatly depending on the hunting technique chosen to pursue them.

The wild boar in Italy can be hunted in many ways: in addition to the wild boar driven hunt, there’s hound hunting, circling, selection hunting by searching and stalking.

The wild boar driven hunt is a collective hunt deeply rooted in the cultural tradition of some geographic areas and is mostly widespread in Eastern Europe.

It is a highly thrilling hunt, vividly remembered by those who practice it.

Three massive wild boars hunted in a driven hunt in Hungary

Three massive wild boars hunted in a driven hunt in Hungary

The common rituals

All wild boar driven hunts and hound hunts share common rituals, whether in Italy or abroad.

Appropriate warm clothing, as they are usually held in winter, and a suitable firearm for short to medium-range shots with the right wild boar driven hunt optics are essential. The right footwear, warm and soft, should not be overlooked either.

During a driven hunt, dozens of wild boars or a single animal may pass by the hunter, sometimes in the no-firing zone, where shooting is prohibited for safety reasons, and sometimes very close, running or standing still for just a moment.

The tableu of a wild boar driven hunt

The tableu of a wild boar driven hunt with tipical italian tuscany boars

Caliber and ammunitions

For wild boar hunting, utilizing relatively heavy cartridges with controlled expansion – ranging from 150 to 180 grains – is highly effective. This principle holds true for a range of calibers, including 30 and 7mm, offering versatility and effectiveness in various hunting environments. Whether hunting abroad or in Italy’s mountainous regions like the Apennines or Alps, in both open terrains and private reserves, these calibers remain dependable choices.


The .30-06 caliber stands out as one of the best choices for wild boar hunting due to several key attributes that make it highly suitable for this type of game.

Firstly, the .30-06 cartridge offers a balanced combination of power, accuracy, and versatility. Its ballistic performance and stopping power make it effective for hunting medium to large game like wild boar. The cartridge delivers ample energy, providing sufficient stopping power to bring down wild boars efficiently.

Additionally, the .30-06 cartridge is known for its flat trajectory and long-range capabilities. This attribute allows hunters to take precise shots at varying distances, which is beneficial in wild boar hunting scenarios where targets may appear at different ranges. The accuracy and consistency offered by this caliber contribute to successful and ethical hunts.


Moreover, the availability of a wide range of bullet weights and types for the .30-06 provides hunters with versatility. They can choose from various bullet designs, including expanding, controlled expansion, or bonded bullets, allowing customization to suit different hunting conditions and preferences. This flexibility ensures that hunters can select the most suitable ammunition for their specific wild boar hunting needs, whether it’s in dense forests or more open terrains.

Furthermore, the .30-06 is a popular and widely available cartridge, making it convenient for hunters to find ammunition almost anywhere they may hunt. Its popularity also means that rifles chambered in .30-06 are commonly accessible, offering hunters a wide selection of firearms to choose from, catering to their individual preferences in terms of action types, barrel lengths, and configurations.

Overall, the .30-06 caliber’s combination of power, accuracy, versatility, and widespread availability makes it a top choice among hunters for wild boar hunting, providing reliability and effectiveness in various hunting situations.

Geco .30.06 Springfield ammunition

Other calibers

However, when pursuing selective hunting or hunting from an elevated blind, a more precise and methodical approach is required. In such scenarios, bolt-action rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and .270 Winchester prove successful with bullets weighing no less than 130 grains. Bright and adjustable magnification optics are essential for precision in these situations.

Wild boar shot with a 7 mm Remington mgm from the hide

A 90 kg wild boar male shot with a 7 mm Remington mgm from the hide

In regions where wild boars reach remarkable sizes, like in Hungary or Turkey, often exceeding 300 kg, hunting tactics differ considerably. In Turkey, stalking is the predominant method employed.

During stalking, hunters move to feeding grounds and track the animals, attempting to locate the boars. If unable to spot the boars directly, a bolt-action rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum, firing 180-grain bullets, can effectively fulfill the task at hand.

The Benelli Argo

The Benelli Argo semiautomatic rifle stands out as an excellent choice for wild boar driven hunting due to several key features that make it highly suitable and effective for this purpose.

Firstly, the Benelli Argo is renowned for its reliability and durability. Its robust construction and engineering ensure consistent performance even in challenging conditions encountered during wild boar driven hunts. This reliability is crucial in ensuring that the firearm functions flawlessly throughout the hunt, reducing the risk of malfunctions or misfires, which is particularly important in fast-paced and dynamic hunting situations.

Another significant advantage of the Benelli Argo is its quick and smooth cycling action. The semi-automatic operation allows for rapid follow-up shots, which can be crucial in situations where multiple targets or a fast-moving wild boar require swift and accurate shooting. The rifle’s ability to cycle smoothly enables hunters to maintain focus and target acquisition without disruptions, enhancing their efficiency in the field.

Additionally, the Benelli Argo is praised for its handling and ergonomics. Its design offers a comfortable grip and shoulder fit, contributing to better control and reduced recoil. This comfort is beneficial during extended hunts, allowing hunters to maintain accuracy and precision, even after firing multiple shots.

Furthermore, the rifle’s accuracy and effective range make it well-suited for wild boar driven hunting scenarios. Its inherent precision combined with appropriate optics can significantly enhance a hunter’s ability to acquire targets at varying distances, contributing to successful and ethical hunts.

Overall, the Benelli Argo semiautomatic rifle’s reliability, rapid cycling action, ergonomic design, and accuracy make it a top choice for wild boar driven hunting, providing hunters with a dependable and effective firearm for this specific hunting activity.

Wild boar hunting can be carried out with both semi-automatic slug shotguns and bolt-action rifles. The bolt-action is the choice of many hunters, especially in the country where the use of semi-automatic rifles is not allowed for this hunting practice.

In harsher climates, a synthetic-stocked bolt-action may be convenient, adapting well to all climates and ensuring the firearm is notably lightweight, consequently offering easier handling.


Steiner Optic for driven hunt

The T6Xi 1-6×24 riflescope for wild boar driven hunts

An excellent optic should allow a quick target acquisition with remarkable image sharpness; the adjustable intensity red dot helps minimize error and conduct an ethical hunt.

Teaming up with Jon “Mochabear” Dufresne from Kinetic Consulting, the T6Xi 1-6×24 riflescope unveils the revolutionary Steiner KC-1 reticle, meticulously crafted for lightning-fast target acquisition at 1x and ensuring pin-point accuracy and unmistakable target identification at 6x. This advanced scope boasts both exposed and capped elevation turrets, catering to individual preferences or departmental standards. A diopter locking ring is ingeniously integrated, preventing any unintended movement post-reticle focusing, ensuring unwavering precision aligned with the user’s eye.

Every T6Xi model comes equipped with a throw lever, a testament to its user-centric design, facilitating swift and assured magnification adjustments, even under gloved hands. Crafted with precision and excellence, the T6Xi series of riflescopes is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A, embodying the pinnacle of accuracy, durability, and adaptability.

Hunting Wild Boars in Italy

In Italy, the appeal of wild boar driven hunting or selective wild boar hunting has capured many hunters who they felt in love with it.

Indeed, there has been an exponential increase in selective hunters of this ungulate, especially among the younger generation, not to mention the large number of hound hunt teams throughout the national territory.

The hound hunt is one of the most well-known forms in Italy. In this type of wild boar hunting, fundamental work is done by the pack of hounds, guided by the hound handlers, who drive the wild boars toward the positions.

Where to hunt wild boars in Italy

In Italy, wild boar hunting takes place across various regions and landscapes. The wild boar (cinghiale) is widely distributed throughout the country, and hunting opportunities can be found in different areas including:

  1. Tuscany: Known for its diverse landscapes, Tuscany offers extensive hunting grounds, including forests and hilly terrains, where wild boar hunting is popular.
  2. Umbria: This region, with its rolling hills and wooded areas, provides favorable conditions for wild boar hunting.
  3. Sardinia: The island of Sardinia boasts a substantial population of wild boars, making it an attractive destination for hunters.
  4. Emilia-Romagna: With its mixed terrains of plains and hills, Emilia-Romagna offers hunting opportunities for wild boar enthusiasts.
  5. Piedmont: This region is known for its forests and natural parks, providing ample areas for wild boar hunting.
  6. Lombardy: Wild boar hunting is practiced in the wooded areas and mountains of Lombardy.
  7. Abruzzo: The mountainous regions of Abruzzo offer hunting grounds for wild boars amidst beautiful natural settings.
  8. Veneto: The Veneto region also provides opportunities for wild boar hunting, particularly in its forested areas.

These regions represent just a few examples of where wild boar hunting takes place in Italy, showcasing the diversity of landscapes and environments across the country that accommodate this popular hunting activity.

Even during the hound hunts, as in all types of wild boar hunting, it is essential to be particularly cautious, respecting basic safety rules and using common sense, to experience the joys of this outdoor activity in an aware and safe manner.

Andrea Barbieri

Montefeltro Staff, Andrea Barbieri

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