Experience an extraordinary hunting season at the splendid Cascina Emanuele reserve for an unmissable hunting

October will be the ideal month to experience the magnificent deer rut hunt, an event that promises to deliver unforgettable emotions.

The Magic of Fallow Deer Hunting 

Hunting ungulates is a passion that unites Italian and foreign hunters. Among the various hunting methods, such as roe deer, red deer, mouflon, wild boar, and chamois hunting, fallow deer hunting stands out for its unique charm. Although it is less practiced in Italy compared to other forms of hunting, those who truly understand the art of hunting know that fallow deer offers one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences.

Deer hunting with Montefeltro

The fallow deer is a strong and cunning cervid, considered the sovereign of the Valley in the Cascina Emanuele reserve, located in Grondona. This reserve, frequented by a few but passionate hunters, is rich in wildlife and offers an unparalleled hunting experience.

Cascina Emanuele Reserve: An Unspoiled Paradise

In the heart of the Piedmont Apennines, on the border with Liguria, the Cascina Emanuele reserve stretches over 2,200 hectares between the Valle Spinti and the Val Borbera. This untouched territory, characterized by dense forests, wide meadows, and valleys rich in water, represents the ideal habitat for fallow deer.

The Thrill of Fallow Deer Hunting

Hunting fallow deer in the Cascina Emanuele reserve is an adventure that requires skill and patience. The fallow deer, with its cunning nature, represents a fascinating challenge even for the most experienced hunters. Spotting the antlers of the males emerging from the vegetation is a moment of pure magic, an emotion that takes your breath away.

fallow deer hunting in the Cascina Emanuele reserve

Hunting fallow deer combines beauty and adrenaline in a unique way. Stalking, or silently approaching the prey through the dense woods and meadows of the reserve, allows the hunter to experience an intense and engaging adventure. The elegance of the fallow deer, with its spotted coat and majestic antlers, makes every encounter an extraordinary event.

The Hills of Alessandria: An Ideal Territory for Ungulate Hunting

The hills of Alessandria, located in the province of Alessandria, offer a fascinating and varied landscape that extends between the Ligurian Apennines and the Po Valley. This region is characterized by a combination of gentle hills and rugged valleys, with rich biodiversity and a natural habitat ideal for numerous ungulate species.

Hills of Alessandria

A Perfect Habitat for Ungulate Hunting

The hills of Alessandria are renowned for their hunting vocation, thanks to favorable environmental conditions that support a diverse and abundant wildlife. The presence of dense forests, wide meadows, and waterways provides an ideal habitat for ungulates such as fallow deer, roe deer, red deer, and wild boar. These wooded areas offer shelter and food for the animals, while the open meadows and clearings are perfect for foraging.

Private Hunting Reserve Cascina Emanuele

In the area of Grondona, the private hunting reserve Cascina Emanuele stands out as a gem for hunting enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the hills of Alessandria, this reserve extends over 2,200 hectares of unspoiled territory, including Valle Spinti and Val Borbera.

The Territory of Grondona

Grondona is a small community nestled in the hills of Alessandria, characterized by a rural landscape and tranquility that make it perfect for hunting activities. The Cascina Emanuele reserve, with its vast expanses of mixed forests, alpine meadows, and crystal-clear rivers, creates a natural environment that seems tailor-made for fallow deer hunting.

The Cascina Emanuele Private Hunting Reserve

Fallow Deer Hunting in the Cascina Emanuele Reserve

The fallow deer, known for its elegance and cunning, finds its ideal habitat in the hills of Alessandria. This cervid prefers wooded areas with good vegetative cover, where it can hide and feed away from predators and harsh weather. The forests of the Cascina Emanuele reserve offer a perfect refuge for these animals, while the surrounding meadows and clearings provide abundant food.

Methods of Hunting Fallow Deer

Hunting fallow deer here is primarily conducted through the stalking method. This technique requires the hunter to silently approach the prey, using the terrain and vegetation as cover. Not only does this method increase the chances of success, but it also offers an immersive experience in nature, allowing the hunter to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the local ecosystem.

deer hunting

 La Locanda del Daino: Tradition and Comfort

At the heart of the reserve, nestled among woods and valleys, lies the newly renovated hunting lodge, now known as Locanda del Daino. This historic structure, dating back to the late 1800s, was once reserved for members of the reserve but is now a public restaurant. It celebrates game and local products through a traditional and refined menu.

The Locanda del Daino

The Locanda del Daino also offers four rooms for overnight stays, ideal for hunters and their companions. After a day of hunting, guests can rest and enjoy local delicacies in an environment that combines tradition and modernity, evoking nostalgic and evocative sensations.

The Exquisite Fallow Deer Meat

Fallow deer meat is considered one of the finest among ungulates. Delicate and flavorful, it is appreciated not only for its taste but also for its nutritional properties. At the Locanda del Daino, guests can savor dishes prepared with this exquisite meat, which represents a true delicacy for the most discerning palates.

The exquisite fallow deer meat

A Hunting Season Not to Be Missed

Montefeltro eagerly awaits its guests for the upcoming hunting season at the Cascina Emanuele reserve. The fallow deer rut hunt, scheduled for October, is an unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty and charm of this unique reserve. Every hunter, enveloped by the magic of nature and ancient hunting traditions, will experience an unforgettable adventure filled with emotions and moments of pure wonder.

Prepare to live an extraordinary hunting experience with Montefeltro, where the passion for hunting meets the unspoiled beauty of this reserve.