Is everyone ready for the next “Glorious Twelfth,” the opening of the Grouse hunting season in England on the 12th of August?

The perfect place where aspiring shooters can train is the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds, recently renovated with an elegant and exclusive style, thanks to the investments of the new owner, the Beretta Group, of which we are also a part.

Immersed in 130 hectares of open countryside in the lush Northwood, you can shop in town in the morning and shoot clays at lunchtime, such is the proximity of this location to London.

The prestigious Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds is set in 130 hectares of beautiful open countryside near London. Shooting lessons have been world-class for over a century, and the academy remains the premier destination in England for all aspects of shotgun and rifle shooting instruction.

With a history of excellence in shooting training since 1932, the grounds offer a wide range of simulated hunting targets and clays, with all the facilities to test, adjust, and practice shooting ahead of the hunting season.

In addition to lessons, gun fitting is offered, and a range of courses to improve performance in the field.

With world-leading innovation, a Holland & Holland shooting simulator has also been introduced, featuring interactive clips of running boars and other game, using real full-power ammunition.

After perfecting their shooting, guests can relax in the lounge or at the bar, with the beautiful copper-topped bar and enjoy an excellent example of British cuisine, with locally sourced ingredients, curated by chef Josh Hunter (known for Café Murano) or enjoy a drink on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the new extensive flower meadow.

Additionally, the elegant mahogany meeting room can accommodate private dinners for 16 guests, with a staggering 1,184 bottles of fine wines to choose from and soon also a cigar room for cigar tasting.

In addition to clay pigeon shooting fields, the facility also features facilities for fine rifle shooting, including a 100-yard shooting range and the only indoor rifle shooting cinema in the UK.

Holland & Holland Virtual Shooting Gallery by Montefeltro

Holland & Holland Virtual Shooting Gallery by Montefeltro

The Shooting Grounds

The prestigious Shooting Grounds are home to H&H’s expert instructors, who are recognized for their ability to significantly improve shooters’ performance in a short period of time.

Every aspect of the course is carefully curated, drawing on generations of knowledge and experience made available to the customer to provide the best instruction and service.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Facilities

The academy offers a wide range of targets, with 145 machines on over 40 stations, all quietly set in carefully designed landscapes. Shooting sessions are available for every level of experience and for any type of game simulation.

The Tower

The tower offers the perfect opportunity to test oneself with high targets. With a variety of launched targets, it is truly ideal for preparing for the hunting season.

he Holland & Holland High Tower Shooting Range

Grouse Shooting

The Grouse shooting simulators offer the challenge and excitement of a variety of simulated targets, with traps set by the highly skilled academy team to provide an authentic experience.

Gun Fitting

The team of instructors is the best you could ask for today and benefits from the know-how passed down from past generations of Holland & Holland expertise.

The gun fitting dedicated armory at the shooting grounds is stocked with a wide range of test guns and is proud to offer a gun maintenance service that matches the quality of H&H rifles and shotguns.

Private Setting

The Shooting Grounds are divided into stunningly landscaped sections that allow multiple groups or even large groups to shoot simultaneously without even seeing each other.

At the Academy, customers can try out guns choosing from an unrivaled selection of Holland & Holland rifles and shotguns ready and available on request for use.

Holland & Holland hunting and sporting rifles

Holland & Holland’s History

Holland & Holland is perhaps the most famous maker of luxury hunting rifles and has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 19th century.

Founded in 1835 by Harris Holland in London, the company has gained an international reputation for its craftsmanship and the quality of its products.

Harris Holland and his brother

Holland & Holland’s history is intrinsically linked to the British tradition of sports hunting and the golden age of migratory bird hunting in Victorian England. From its early days, the company attracted the attention of the aristocratic elite and the most discerning hunters thanks to the precision of its rifles and their aesthetic beauty.

One of the most significant moments in Holland & Holland’s history was the introduction of the double-barreled locking system, known as the “paradox,” in 1885. This innovative system revolutionized the world of hunting rifles, allowing hunters to successfully shoot lead bullets through choked barrels, thus improving the range and accuracy of hunting rifles.

Over the years, Holland & Holland has continued to maintain its reputation for craftsmanship and technological innovation. Their rifles have become synonymous with prestige and status in the world of sports hunting and have been admired by collectors, hunters, and firearms enthusiasts worldwide.

A pair of Holland & Holland double-barreled shotguns

Today, Holland & Holland, thanks to the Beretta Group, continues to produce high-quality hunting rifles at its headquarters in London, keeping alive the craftsmanship tradition that has made the company famous. Its rifles are sought after for their precision, reliability, and aesthetic beauty, and they represent the pinnacle of English craftsmanship in the field of firearms.