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Hunting in Italy

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Montefeltro is dedicated to providing its customers with an unforgettable experience rooted in the rich tradition of Italian hunting.

Italy’s natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for hunting enthusiasts, with its diverse landscapes ranging from majestic mountains to lush forests and picturesque coastlines. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of pursuing game on foot or the challenge of hunting waterfowl in scenic wetlands, Italy offers a wealth of opportunities for both shotgun and rifle hunters.

From the majestic red deer roaming the forests of the Apennines to the elusive woodcock darting through the wooded valleys of Piedmont, Italy is home to a diverse array of game species like wild boars, fallow deers, roe deers anch chamois. Hunters can also pursue upland birds such as pheasants and partridges in the rolling hills of Tuscany or take to the marshes in search of ducks and geese near Venice.

At Montefeltro, each hunting excursion is meticulously planned and managed by our experienced personnel, ensuring that every step of your journey is seamless and enjoyable. From selecting the perfect hunting location to providing expert guidance in the field, our team is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled hunting experience tailored to your preferences.

So, whether you dream of stalking game in the shadow of ancient castles or experiencing the thrill of a waterfowl hunt against the backdrop of Italy’s stunning landscapes, Montefeltro invites you to choose your destination and embark on an unforgettable hunting adventure with us.

Tailor Made Hunting Trips

Are you a passionate hunter looking for an unforgettable hunting experience? Montefeltro is the tour operator for you. With over 25 years of experience, Montefeltro offers a tailor-made hunting trip service, capable of satisfying the needs of every type of hunter.

Montefeltro organizes hunting trips all over the world, from the most classic destinations, such as Scotland or Romania, to the more exotic ones, such as Africa or Australia.

“La Montefeltro” Hunting Reserve in Rivergaro

If you are passionate about hunting with pointing dogs, Montefeltro has the perfect reserve for you. With over 1,000 hectares of territory and 300 hectares of Zone C, La Montefeltro is a paradise for you and your dog.

The Rivergaro Reserve, just over an hour’s drive from Milan, is perfect for lovers of partridges, grey partridges, and real pheasants. But La Montefeltro offers much more: driven shooting, shooting courses, stand hunting with over 10 hunting towers, and wild boar hunting.

All this in a single magnificent hunting reserve where the standard is always and only that of the Beretta Group.

Why Choose Us


Montefeltro is focused on searching new and savage hunting area, where nature reigns supreme and the hunter can experience ancient flavors of challenge!

The Team

Montefeltro has a great team who organizes for you an unforgettable living experience. Montefeltro is by your side during all your hunting experience.

Tailor Made

Every hunter has his own needs and Montefeltro is here to satisfy them. Imagine the trip of your dream and Montefeltro will organize it. Our goal is your full satisfaction!

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